‘I have 5 rules for men wanting to date my daughter – they must pay the bill’

A mum has dished out the strict rules men must follow if they want to date her daughter.

Kat Clark, from Queensland, Australia, said her 19-year-old daughter Latisha recently went on a date which sparked viewers to ask her if there were any "rules" suitors had to follow.

Her number one rule was simply "good luck" because Lastisha is "sassy as hell".

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"Number two, my daughter and I share a birthday and her last boyfriend used to get me a gift too, so not only are my daughter's expectations high, but so are mine," she said on TikTok.

"Number three, no sleepovers unless you've been dating seriously for six months, I don't even want to meet you face to face.

"Number four, your parents better be fun because if this relationship goes anywhere, I want my Christmases to be fun okay? I don't want to have a 'Karen' telling me what to do.

"Lastly, don't, ever, invite my daughter out for a dinner and expect her to pay for her meal."

Some parents called Kat the "best mum" for doing everything she can to protect her daughter.

"I love this because the sleepover rule is very valid if it's serious," one mentioned.

A second wrote: "I actually love this and I agree with everything."

But others found some of the rules not up to today's society standards.

One viewer said: "I think girls should treat men sometimes."

Another said in this age, people "split the bill" and a third added: "She's got a job, why can't she pay? Why should she be reliant on someone else to? Isn't she independent?"

Others said paying for food bills at a restaurant is "red flag behaviour" while one TikToker mentioned: "You want a teenager to buy you a birthday gift as well as if it isn't expensive."


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