I moved back home to care for sick mum and worry life is leaving me behind

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE gone part-time in a job I love and moved back into my childhood home to take care of my mum, who has a serious heart condition.

I don’t resent my mum at all and am happy to be there for her. But I am worried that life is passing me by. I’m a woman of 28, Mum is 57.

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Recently, a good friend of mine and I have started to admit our feelings for each other.

We both want to take things further and become a couple but she lives a hundred miles away.

She has made it clear that we would both need to travel to see each other.

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This has sent me into a panic as I’m not sure how I could leave Mum.

DEIDRE SAYS: You are a wonderful daughter for taking such good care of your mum, but I’m sure she wouldn’t want to hold you back.

Talk to her and reassure her you will continue to take good care of her.

But you do also need support – both practical and emotional.

Would you consider respite care for your mum, so you could have a much- needed break and spend some precious time with your girlfriend?

You can also find out about getting in some external carers to look after your mum sometimes.

I’m sending you my support pack Help For Carers and please contact carersuk.org.uk (0808 808 7777), who will be able to help.

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