‘I skip laundry and put clothes in fridge – I don’t care if I’m called cheap’

A man dubbed an "extreme cheapskate" has left people raising eyebrows when he used his fridge as a closet, cupboard and food storage.

Todd Moriarty, from the US, ignored people's comments as he vowed to spend only 5% of his salary — roughly £3,600 per year on necessities.

He was nicknamed the "bubble boy" by his friends as he wrapped almost everything in the house in plastic, hoping to fetch a good resell value.

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Appearing on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates, he showed where he stored his clothes and it's apparently not in a wardrobe.

Todd, who works as a locomotive engineer, opened his double-sided fridge and said: "Right now I've got some clothes in Ziploc bags.

"I don't have to put them in the washing machine, it actually kills the bacteria by having them in there.

"That way I save on laundry detergent, I save on time. I don't have to use electricity to run my washing machine."

He took out one of the Ziploc bags and revealed that he has clothes since he was in high school and they still smell fresh.

"This is a pair of jeans I bought 15 years ago. Look at that, like brand new." he said, then gave it a sniff, adding: "Yeah like I just bought them."

Not only did Todd put his clothes in the fridge, he also kept his cookware and canned goods inside and by doing so, he cut his energy use by nearly 10%.

He added: "I don't care. I don't care that some people might think some of my habits over are over the tap now.

"I mean, I got clothes in my refrigerator, for God's sakes. I mean, that's pretty cheap."

Todd also attributed his money-saving tip to his "multi-purpose" jacuzzi, where he washed clothes, took shower, cleaned cookware and warmed up food in.

He explained: "There's no need for me to use the washing machine because it just cost too much money. I could just re-use the water right here.

"By using the hot tub, I would say I'm saving about $30 to $40 a month (£24-£32). That way I don't have to use my appliances.

"This hot tub, I mean, this thing is a money saver. This is like a cash cow for me."


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