Influencer trolled as she ditches razors to let body hair grow for 90 days

A social media star hit back at trolls who criticised her for ditching the razors.

Influencer XEHLI G vowed to not shave her body hair for the next three months.

She made the decision after trolls criticised her for being hairy.

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Even if she shaves at least once a week, the 22-year-old claims it grows very quickly which they appear in her videos.

Speaking about the abuse, XELHI G said: "I get a lot of hate just for having body hair, even though I shave once a week.

"It grows fast because I'm healthy, and hair grows faster."

In a clip, the influencer claimed she'll go 90 days without shaving.

She said: "To make people more disgusted, because I have hair, I won't shave for 90 days, just to see how long it gets."

But despite some trolls, many fans praised the influencer in her challenge and asked her to ignore negative comments.

And it wasn't long since XEHLI G made a big claim about having the "world's biggest mouth".

She said she can fit "everything inside her 13cm gob" as fans told her to apply for a Guinness World Record.

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In a viral video which circulated on TikTok and Instagram, XEHLI G opened her mouth so wide it fit a tennis ball inside.

Since then, she's bagged thousands of fans on social media and now she's decided to take the skill to a new level.

But the Guinness Book of Records says the current holder for the biggest mouth is Francisco Domingo Joaquim.

He holds the title for his big gob which measures a whopping 17cm when opened.

Meanwhile, the woman who holds the record has an opening of 10cm.

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