Inside AJ and Curtis Pritchard’s stylish shared home: Take an exclusive tour around the dancing pair’s lavish pad

Former Strictly Come Dancing professional AJ Pritchard lives in a very clean and stylish home, alongside his brother Curtis, of Love Island fame.

Taking about his home in an exclusive interview with OK!, AJ reveals that his cleaning products are one of the "best things in his house" and that he "loves his Dyson hoover".

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The pair – who have become reality TV star icons after their stints in Love Island and I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! – appear to adore their shared pad which includes brand new shiny appliances, gorgeous furniture – and floors that look clean enough to eat from!

Let's take a peek around their home as they tell us what their five favourite things about it are…

AJ and Curtis' kitchen is bright white, with glossy cabinets and an L-shaped counter. The room is also home to AJ's prized possession, his coffee machine.

The former Strictly star told OK! that Curtis, 24, was also a fan, saying: "His favourite thing is my Nespresso coffee machine.

"I think he’s been using it too much because it’s imploding on itself, the amount of coffee he drinks."

Curtis then added: "I do use it every single day without fail."

The pair's living room has polished wooden floors, house plants, a flat screen TV and a grey sideboard complete with an array of candles.

However the pièce de résistance of the house, according to Curtis, is the large velvet sofa.

He explained to OK!: "Now actually when we first had this sofa, because you know when you get new sofa everything is quite hard, it was a solid sofa so you know it’s a good sofa.

"So now that we’ve worn it in, sat on it, my bums been on it for a long time, it’s actually a lot softer now and it is one of the comfiest sofas I’ve ever been on and I love it."

We can also see that AJ's candle collection is extensive, with a vast array of shapes, sizes and smells.

Curtis revealed: "Sometimes if I’ve been working or something and I come in and the whole apartment will smell like a beauty spa.

"Just different scents or one day it will smell like Christmas time… you have so many different candles”.

The other side of the living room has large black-framed mirrors leaning on the white walls, which serves to optically enlarge the space.

We can also see the siblings have more indoor plants, and the room is flooded with natural light owing to the sliding glass doors that lead out onto the balcony.

But it isn't just AJ and Curtis living in the home; there is also Oliver. No, he isn't the third Pritchard brother, but rather AJ's beloved blue orchid.

"Number one is my plants, and more to the point my cascading orchid," AJ reveals to OK!

"It's just… it’s got some nice blue on it and it is a cascading orchid so it does live with me for quite a while. I just love watering it, I love just taking care of it, it sits with the mirror behind it.

“I love it, I love it so much.”

The stars also have a very sleek dining area, with light grey leather chairs and a charcoal-coloured dining table.

We hope AJ managed to enjoy some delicious grub here before his diet of rice and beans kicked in during his I'm A Celebrity stint at the end of last year!

The duo also have an incredible photo wall running alongside the staircase.

Curtis explained: "Everything we’ve sort of been through in life we’re just putting it on the wall and being quite proud of it really”.

While AJ added: "And they’re all very symmetrically done so it makes me very happy when I look at that”.

And finally, the dancers also have access to a gorgeous balcony, which has rattan furniture with white cushions.

Fake ivy covers the fencing, creating a sort of inner-city oasis.

We are sure this pocket of outdoor space is a huge blessing during lockdown!

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