‘Legend’ travels 700 miles for League 1 football instead of seeing girlfriend

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Maintaining a relationship can be hard at times – with long distance often playing a part in that.

So this one woman must have felt like she hit the jackpot by bagging a boyfriend who only lives 8 miles away from her.

But despite their close range, Sash was eager to spend some time with her significant other after going a week without seeing each other.

It appeared the lad had other things on his mind – football.

Instead of leaping at the opportunity to see his girlfriend, the lad decided to travel 330 miles to see Charlton Athletic play.

The long haul journey would have taken the lad 5 hours and 45 minutes to travel by train just to watch the match against Morecambe. Making those 8 miles to see Sash look easy.

Now Sash has been left questioning whether the lad’s loyalties lay with her or Charlton Athletic FC.

Taking to Twitter under the username @sash_marie , Sash asked fellow users where her partners ‘priorities’ lay.

She explained in the post: “I live 8 miles away from my boyfriend haven’t seen him in almost a week.

“This morning he left at 8am as he’s travelling 330 miles to morecambe for #CAFC and he wonders why I’m mad.”

Sash asked Twitter users : “What do you reckon his priority is?”

And, it did not take long from a barrage of blokes to leap to the lad’s defence.

Many people fled to the comments, to praise the lad for putting football above his relationship.

One person simply said: “What a legend.”

Another user added: “Absolute lad in my book.”

Someone else claimed: “Women come and go but your first love will always remain. Good on him, shame on you.”

Whilst a third person said: “I'd say he's got his priorities sorted. Go with him next time.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user remarked: “Girls come and go, your football club doesn't.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of the lad’s choice!

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