Man clears B&M shelf after spotting 10p bargain – and people are left fuming

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A man discovered an absolute bargain at B&M, but shoppers were left furious after he cleared the shelves and didn't leave any behind for other bargain hunters.

He visited the Facebook group, Extreme Coupons and Bargains UK, where he posted snaps of his impressive find, but shoppers were left less than happy after he confessed he took the opportunity to stock up on the item.

On the Facebook page, he wrote: "My bargain of the day, 10p each B&M.

"Yes I took them all anyone else would of done the same lol."

When he realised the items were on sale for a ridiculously low price he decided to put all of them in his trolley – not leaving one behind.

He said he didn't feel guilty about it, as he thinks other people would have done the same if they saw it first.

The item he hauled was cardboard cat scratchers, which usually come in at the price of £2 each at B&M.

This means he managed to save £13.30 for the seven he snapped up.

But he left some shoppers in the social media group pretty furious as many claimed it was selfish to take them all.

One wrote: "No they wouldn’t they would have let someone else have some too", while another added: "All these that buy everything so no one else can, are probably the ones who made the shelves empty during Covid.

"Not really something to be proud about is it."

A third person said: "I wouldn’t have unless you have multiple cats, 7 would have been enough to share with other people."

Despite the negative reaction, there were some shoppers who said he was right to snap the items up when he had the chance.

One person said: "I would have taken them all too lol."

"Quite right I’d clear the shelf," another added.

A third person also said: "I would have done the same yes. My cat gets through loads and they are usually so expensive. Good for you and your bargain, lucky kitty cat."

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