Meet the world’s most pierced woman with 11,003 studs and counting

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The world’s most pierced person has 11,003 as of 2019 – and she's not done yet.

Elaine Davidson, 56, who currently lives in Edinburgh, had her first skin piercing in 1997.

She currently holds the Guinness Book of World records for body piercings.

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In January 2019 she had 11,003 body piercings and is still getting more to hold on to the record.

Nearly every part of her body is pierced, including her forehead, chin, breasts, hands and pubic area, both internal and external.

She often replaces and adds to her face jewellery, and she likes to further accessorise with bright make-up and hair feathers.

The Brazilian-born former nurse first broke the record for most piercings in May 2000, when a Guinness World Records official examined her and found 462 piercings on her body, including 192 on her face.

Elaine never removes the rings and studs, which she estimates to weigh approximately three kilos.

She insists that body piercing is not painful and that she sleeps soundly with all of her jewellery in place.

Despite this, in 2009 she revealed that she doesn’t like getting pierced and she simply does it so that she can hold onto her title.

“I don't enjoy getting pierced, but to break the record you have to get to a high level,” she said in February 2009, when she had 6,005 piercings.

“I wanted to break the record.

“My family don't even like tattoos or piercings.”

Elaine is a woman of many talents and on her website, it says she sleeps on a bed of nails, walks on fire and lays on broken glass.

She also holds a black belt in Judo which she earned in Japan.

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The record holder also enjoys extreme sports such as sky Diving and likes horse riding.

Elaine takes her position in the Guinness Book of Records very seriously, she sees it as a responsibility as well as a dedication.

This is partly why she doesn’t drink, take drugs or smoke cigarettes as she wants to ensure her full concentration.


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