Meghan and Harry ‘don’t have to be each other’s pockets’ – shows ‘confidence’

According to a body language specialist, Meghan Markle has recently been “authentic” and “genuinely happy” in her sparse public appearances and has shown signals of “adoration and love” for her husband Prince Harry.

Body language and behavioural expert Darren Stanton examined the Duchess of Sussex in advance of her birthday later this week for Betfair Bingo.

He did so by examining her gestures, telltale indicators from her public appearances, as well as her evolution through time.

Mr Stanton claimed: “Meghan Markle has always been a very confident woman. During her career as an actress, she had to be confident in order to get to where she got to.

“I think there were dips in that level of confidence when she first came to the UK, but predominantly believe that she has always remained confident.

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“People have levels of confidence in different contexts, so Meghan was a confident woman in her own right as an actress, but obviously she had to develop her own identity, in terms of being a wife and mother.

“Obviously, she would never have been attending royal events had she not been with Prince Harry, so I think she’s had to develop a whole new level of confidence, which we can see.”

Mr Stanton added: “From her recent public appearances, there are lots of gestures that display a great sense of authenticity in Meghan. During an appearance in New York in May, there was a photo of Meghan on the red carpet, which also featured Harry in the centre next to his mother-in-law.

“What was really nice was that Meghan was looking up to Harry with complete admiration and love. This is similar to what William and Kate sometimes do, which is a really nice gesture and it speaks great volumes.

“Harry was in the centre, looking very tall with his shoulders back. He appeared very confident in the centre of the frame. He displayed a genuine authentic smile and you could tell that he is happy to be there.

“But the real telling piece was Meghan. You can tell despite all the ups and downs, she clearly truly loves him. She was looking up at him with complete adoration and respect.

“You can tell that Meghan was also very clearly happy to be there, as she displayed a definite genuine smile. The fact that we saw the crows feet in her eyes and her whole face was engaged proved that she was genuinely happy to be in the environment, and there were no signs to say otherwise.

“Meghan was displaying lots of authentic smiles, there were no hidden agendas or misconceptions in terms of displaying a fake smile, but really thinking or feeling something else. What you see is what you get with Meghan and Harry, as they appear to be very genuine and authentic when out in public.”

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Mr Stanton commented: “It’s apparent that Meghan is truly happy, both in her professional and personal life. When it comes to her relationship with Harry, she has developed in confidence and isn’t afraid to attend engagements by herself.

“In the early stages of their relationship, you could see that her levels of confidence and self assurance weren’t as prominent. However, as time has gone on, Meghan has gained the confidence to attend events and campaign for causes on her own.

“It’s clear that the pair don’t have to be each other’s pockets, which demonstrates a much greater level of confidence, rapport, trust and a deep connection within their relationship.

“While the pair are happy to have their own solo ventures, when they do get together, we do see sparks flying between them. It’s apparent that Harry is besotted with Meghan.

“Purely from the way he looks at her proves that he has found his Princess – likewise with Meghan. She reciprocates Harry’s emotions in lots of different ways, such as touching his arm or back in public. These are clear tell-tale signs of conveying the emotion of love and admiration.”

Claiming Meghan and Harry have got closer, Mr Stanton continued: “I definitely believe Meghan and Harry have become closer in recent years. You can tell Meghan is head over heels in love with Harry due to her constant gazing and prolonged eye contact.

“It’s the type of love that if you’re in a busy environment, you feel as though you’re in a bubble with that person. I’ve noticed a lot of situations like that with Meghan and Harry, where they’ve both engaged in this reciprocal eye contact. It tells me that they’ve grown stronger and stronger as a couple.

“Overall, I think we will continue to see the pair develop, both as individuals and as a couple. Despite all the trials and tribulations, they are each other’s rocks. It’s clear from their body language that they are in a strong place – lots of little gestures, prolonged eye contact and authentic smiles.”

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