Model slammed for dressing up as terminally ill Covid patient for Halloween

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A model has caused controversy for dressing up as terminally ill Covid patient for Halloween.

Influencer Déia Cavalheiro shared photos of her Halloween costume online, saying that she decided on the get-up to try and get more people to get the vaccine.

However, some people were left outraged over the ensemble.

The costume saw Déia exposing her underboob in a tiny nude-coloured crop top, which she teamed with a matching skirt.

She was also wearing an oxygen mask as she wore dark makeup around her eyes.

Talking about her costume, the model said: "The idea is to keep the unvaccinated away and make people aware of the danger of the virus.

"I thought about this concept and decided to bring it to life this year as a way of raising awareness for the population.

"The danger is not over yet and unfortunately people keep forgetting it until it's too late."

She continued: "Unfortunately, many lives were lost during this period.

"I believe we need to honour them by taking precautions and doing our part to eradicate the virus."

However, not everyone liked her approach.

Just minutes after posting the photos she got several comments from people who felt she was making fun of the dead.

Responding to the backlash, Déia said: “I'm sorry for anyone who felt it was a joke, it wasn't my intention.

"My goal is to inspire everyone to get vaccinated, to wear a mask and avoid unnecessary situations that can easily be avoided."

The model also hit headlines back in September as she revealed she got vagina surgery after being gifted plastic surgery by a pal.

However, she instantly regretted it after having the procedure done, as she admitted the post-operation was "awful" and said that it really didn’t make a big difference at all.

"It really didn’t make a big difference as mine was already pretty much the same thing," she confessed at the time.

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