Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos on How Joe Biden Sees the Movie Industry

In my view, one of the few bright spots in this very dim year, but in many ways the brightest, was the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The grown-ups will be back in charge, and we’ll all feel safer with the end of four years of ego, petulance, divisiveness and insanity.

For so many in our Hollywood community this is a welcome new day, and its support reflects years of connection to Joe and especially Kamala, who has played such a key role here in California. Both have been longtime supporters of our industry and the creative process, and that was reflected in the engagement of so many film, television and music talents throughout the campaign.

I’ve known both for some time, and on one occasion spent time with Joe when he was vice president during an MPA trip in 2012. We were talking about various industry issues and at one point the jobs created by the film community. He expressed his love of movies, and mentioned that when he watched the credits at the end he was impressed by the range of jobs and the many people it took to achieve the result on the screen. He said, “There’s so much effort there, you guys should add a credit noting how many total jobs and work hours it took to make the movie so people really appreciate that.” It was a great idea, and another example of Joe’s clear understanding of the contribution not only of those in prominent roles, but of all workers at every level. We added it to credits when I was at Fox, and are doing it now at Paramount as well.

Well beyond Hollywood, though, this new administration will return our country to its core values, a concern for all its people, for our relations to the world, and for the preservation of the planet itself.

Hollywood will clearly benefit, but so will everyone else.

Jim Gianopulos is the chairman and chief executive officer of Paramount Pictures.

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