People reveal hilarious and cringeworthy messages from their exes

Delete my number! Singletons reveal the hilarious and cringeworthy texts from their exes – including one desperate man who wanted to meet up to hand over a sock

  • People from around the world shared their worst messages from their exes 
  • Posting on Instagram site TextsFromYourEx, many were hopeful for forgiveness
  • Others asked if they could potentially hook-up again, only to be slapped down
  • One insecure ex asked if what his former lover had said about his body was true 

A series of hilarious messages between exes from around the world have been shared online, showing why sometimes it really is better to have a clean break. 

Posting the hilarious and cringeworthy texts on TextsFromYourEx, one former lover shared a conversation where she insisted she did not want to read a letter from her ex.  

Some argued about whether to return items, other hopeful former flames asked why their number had been deleted or blocked. 

One insecure ex asked his former partner if a piece of his anatomy really was ‘big’ like she had said.

Here Femail brings you the funniest messages from exes around the world…

Unrequited love: This former flame didn’t understand why he was being shunned – until their ex spelt it out

Opposites attract: Or in some cases, they don’t. This former couple argued over whether a sock was worth meeting up for  

Hopeful nostalgia: This former flame attempted to stir some longing in their ex – but it failed to work

Heart break: This ex pleaded for patience, but their former lover clearly wasn’t interested and did not want a letter 

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Who says romance is dead? This ex was hopeful for a quick hook-up but got quickly slapped down

Insecure: This man wanted to know if what his ex-partner said about his body was true. Kindly, she didn’t reply  

Short but sweet: This ex was hopeful the answer was no when asking if they were still hated, but they got slapped down with the truth 

Honesty is the best policy? This person wrote how they felt, but perhaps unsurprisingly it didn’t elicit a response 

This ex attempted to reach out with an emotive confession which may have revealed too much, too soon

This master wordsmith kept it simple with an honest account of their situation – while asking a shocking question

One ex attempted to reassure their former flame that they’re not the problem, their ‘really high standards’ are

This ex may have misread the situation when they texted their former flame with a confession – only to have it thrown in their face

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