‘People think I’m stuck-up because I’m a Page 3 girl – they’re just jealous’

A successful Page 3 model is ignoring those who think she's a "sl*g" to become a star.

Gina Ogden, 22, from West Yorkshire, is a glamour model and a social media influencer who graced the pages of Daily Star after being scouted through her Instagram page.

Now the bombshell Brit is going from one success to another – but people think she’s full of herself because of it.

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She spoke exclusively to Daily Star about being a Playboy centrefold model and the hard work her job requires.

“I face a lot of judgment, especially when I was first starting out,” she revealed.

“I know that any judgment comes from jealousy, especially now that I am doing well for myself.”

Gina has 136,000 followers on Instagram – and has been a Playboy centrefold model, a ring girl and won Miss Swimsuit UK.

Her biggest achievement so far is being published in Playboy as it has been a huge goal of hers and having her own feature is “surreal”.

She added: “[My family] are very proud of my success and my determination to get somewhere and make something of myself.”

But being in the public eye means Gina faces judgment from others who aren’t quite as supportive as her loved ones.

“I think a lot of people expect me to be stuck up and had people suggest I think I’m better than others because of my following, which really isn’t the case at all,” the 22-year-old explained.

“When these people meet me they are shocked because I don’t meet their perceived conceptions about me.

“I've also had the classic trolls that pick on my looks or call me a ‘slag’ for my glamour modelling

“They believe that I think I am better than others and think I have a bi***y attitude.”

Thankfully, Gina has a bevvy of loyal followers who congratulate her on her achievements.

It is their support that keeps her going and helps her continue to find joy in her work.

“My fans get excited about my content and I have an exclusive site that they can pay to chat with me,” she said.

“They love to know when my next shoots are and suggest photoshoot ideas. I also have a lot of messages from girls that look up to me and ask for advice on how to get where I am.”

Gina is incredibly thankful that she gets to do a job she loves as it allows her to travel and provides her with freedom and confidence.

With all of this being said, she says her job is a lot harder than it looks.

The blonde bombshell doesn’t get a break, is working constantly and doesn’t clock off like other jobs.

“I work hard. My day-to-day depends on what I am doing. I am either away glammed up on a photoshoot travelling,” she said.

“Or if I’m doing my social media work I have admin days and then days where ill take my own glamorous photos for brands at home.”

Gina has been chosen to represent West Yorkshire for a national title in the beauty pageant supermodel England on November 4th.

It is something she is incredibly excited about and is raising money for the associated charity, Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice.


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