Psychiatrist: This is what I can tell about you by your foot movements

I’m a psychiatrist and I can tell a lot about your personality and behaviour by how you move your legs and feet around me 

  • Psychiatrist decodes different foot movements mean
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A top psychiatrist has revealed what she can tell about a person by their foot and leg movements alone. 

Dr Judith Joseph, from the US, said non-verbal communication can ‘speak volumes’ and be an indication of someone’s emotional state.

The doc said constantly tapping toes can be a sign of anxiety, while crossing legs can imply someone is guarded and outstretched legs with crossed arms can mean someone is passive-aggressive. 

Dr Judith, who has made a number of TV appearances including on Oprah Daily, said while reading a person’s body language will not give her an overall picture of their mental state it is a useful tool for getting to know someone. 

‘In psychiatry, nonverbal communication can often speak volumes. Foot and leg movements can provide valuable insights into a person’s emotional state and aid in diagnosis,’ she captioned a TikTok video. 

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Psychiatrist Dr Judith Joseph (pictured) has revealed what she can tell about a patient by their foot and leg movements alone

‘Psychiatrists combine various evaluation methods to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their patients’ mental health. Cultural differences are also factors to consider in looking at behaviour.’

Dr Judith said someone tapping their toes excessively can be a sign of ‘generalised anxiety’ and shaking legs can indicate hyperactivity. 

She suspects a patient who squirms in their seat could have ‘anticipatory anxiety’ meaning they experience excessive worry about a future event like a new job or social gathering. 

Someone who crosses their legs could be showing they are guarded due to trauma and a person with their legs stretched out sitting back in their seat may be displaying signs of passive aggressive behaviour according to the psychiatrist.

A patient who taps their feet in a symmetrical pattern or count their taps could have obsessive compulsive disorder. 

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She said tapping toes can be a sign of anxiety, while crossing legs can imply someone is guarded and outstretched legs can mean a patient is being passive aggressive

By folding their legs under themselves someone could be showing regression and that they need nurture. 

Dr Judith’s video was watched more than 2.2million times and while many thought her takes were ‘spot on’ others disagreed. 

‘Well I am all of them,’ one viewer said. 

‘When my therapist could tell which trauma I hadn’t adjusted to yet based on my posture,’ another replied. 

‘I’m not trying to be passive aggressive, I just wanna be comfortable man,’ laughed a third. 

‘I do numeric taping with my fingers in a very specific sequence and numbers. I’ve noticed I do it most when my anxiety is up and in social situations,’ someone chimed in.

‘I can’t sit still to save my life, it’s normally knee bouncing for me. Maybe I should see a psych,’ another viewer added. 

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