Pub owner branded an 'angry little man' for demanding payment

Pub owner hits back at customer who branded him an ‘angry little man’ in a furious TripAdvisor review – because he demanded payment for a £12 cocktail she ‘thought was free’

  • The owner of Red Lion & Sun pub in Highgate was left ‘baffled’ by the situation
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A pub owner has been branded an ‘angry little man’ by a customer who left a scathing review because they had to pay for their drink.

Heath Ball, owner of the Red Lion & Sun pub located in Highgate, has been left ‘baffled’ after a customer helped themselves to the venue’s frozen cocktail machine – for free.

The 50-year-old was later slammed by the punter in question, who took to TripAdvisor to share a three-star review.

The unnamed guest had been sitting outside and spotted the drinks machine, assuming it was ‘free’ and proceeded to pour herself a beverage.

Heath has now been forced to add a sign on top of the machine to prevent anyone else from trying to score free cocktails.

Heath Ball (pictured) was branded an ‘angry little man’ by a customer who didn’t understand that she had to pay for drinks 

‘She was drinking all day and it’s quite clearly advertised with signs the prices of these drinks,’ Heath said.

‘If it was free, then we’d have a queue around the block, it’s just a stupid excuse.

‘It’s the first time it’s happened, as no one has ever done this, as they know they’re not free.

‘Why would I have a free margarita stand sitting here?

‘It’s tough making enough money right now, let alone giving alcohol away for free.

‘She got upset when I showed her the sign [and then she] took a photo and put it on her TripAdvisor.

‘I was angry, but I couldn’t believe it.’

The review read: ‘[…] We then went to sit outside and there was a frozen margarita stand with pouring machine with no one there to pour and no signs explaining this was not a complimentary drink or where to pay so I assumed as there were clean glasses on the stand they were free.

To alert customers that the frozen margaritas are not free, Heath placed a sign on the machines (pictured)

As a result of the confusion, the customer left the Red Lion & Sun pub (pictured) a three star review on TripAdvisor 

The customer complained that the ‘minor misunderstanding’ led to an ‘over the top’ reaction from the manager on TripAdvisor 

Due to the lack of signs on the machine, the customer thought that the frozen margaritas were a complimentary drink 

‘I was then greeted by a rude man who demanded I pay for the drink when I explained I thought it was complimentary due to lack of signs and said I wasn’t prepared to pay £12 for a drink I thought was free he then took the drink away and poured it away and came back with a rather aggressive sign that was not really required.

‘It’s a pub it’s meant to be fun environment and in this instance the customer was not right!!! 

‘Lol it’s a shame about the very angry little man who happened to be the manager who then continued to storm around past me […]’ [sic]

In response to the altercation, Heath said it’s not ‘rocket science’ to know that you have to pay for your drinks.

He added: ‘In all the years I’ve had the machine, no one has ever done that, it’s left me baffled.

‘We’re so busy, so thinking the drinks are there to take for free is absolute madness.’

The pub owner has previously hit headlines due to his lockdown ‘loophole’ for ordering drinks in 2020.

Heath’s pub previously poked fun at the loophole by installing a telephone a few yards away from an outdoor bar so customers could pre-order their takeaway drinks without entering the premises. 

The move came after a 2020 government U-turn on businesses selling takeaway alcohol, pubs were able to sell takeaway drinks to customers who order online or by phone, text or post.

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