Save 25% on this family-sized air fryer – now under £60

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The Princess Digital Air Fryer is a family-friendly fryer with a large capacity and high power. Working faster than a traditional oven, you can whip up healthy, delicious meals in a flash (while using up to 90 percent less oil than traditional frying).

Usually retailing for £79.99, you can now get the Princess Digital Air Fryer for £59.99 – saving you £20 with a discount of 25 percent.

Buy: Amazon (£59.99)

The digital touchscreen of this fan-favourite fryer makes it simple to use and has seven built-in cooking settings so you can just set it to what you’re looking to cook and let it work its magic.

Air fryers are notoriously easy to use, which is backed up in this review that says they are a “healthy and easy way to cook”.

They added: “Simple to operate and clean. Not noisy and no need to preheat which is very convenient, while also being stylish and looking great in the kitchen”.

Many of the more budget-friendly air fryers work well but have a small capacity, meaning you can only really cook enough food for one or two people.

A major benefit of this fryer is its 5.2L internal capacity, meaning you can cook meals for the whole family at the same time.

Buy: Amazon (£59.99)

One reviewer who uses their fryer for family cooking said: “We are a family of four, and the size of this air fryer has been perfect.

“It works brilliantly, is easy to clean and keeps our food from drying out”.

Another said the device is “bigger than I expected but this is a good thing! Previously owned the tower air fryer and I must say so far it has been a great change.

“Near enough daily use for a month so far and it continues to please me”.

You can pick up a Princess Digital Air Fryer for yourself while they’re still on sale on Amazon here.

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