Six easy hacks to clean up glitter

TikTok user's cat seen covered in glitter in a hilarious moment

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Glitter can bring joy and sparkle to crafting projects. But there is a reason an old joke claiming the only way to get rid of glitter is to move house is so popular. Glitter can be a pain to clean, especially when you believe you have effectively cleaned it up, but then find stray bits in strange places weeks later. But these six clever hacks can help you to clean glitter efficiently and effectively the first time.

How to clean glitter


When you have had a glitter spill or have large quantities of glitter to clean up, it is best to use your vacuum cleaner.

Begin by wetting a paper towel and use it to sweep all the sparkles into a single spot.

Next, take your vacuum cleaner and suction up the entire pile.

A balloon

Surprisingly, a balloon could prove to be a great tool when working to clean up glitter.

This is ideal for smaller bits of glitter.

To use this hack, begin by blowing up a balloon and then run it on the carpet to create some static electricity.

Then roll the balloon over the leftover glitter and you will see it attach itself to the balloon, leaving your surface glitter-free.


Playdough is a fun material which can capture the attention of young children for hours at a time.

but, it can also be used to clean up glitter.

Simply grab a ball of playdough and roll it around the glitter to collect the tiny specks.

You are also left with a new and exciting glittery playdough for your children to play with.

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A lint roller

A lint roller can help to pick up the last remaining remnants of glitter.

If you do not have a lint roller, you can use some masking tape wrapped around your hand.

The lint roller will pick up the last flecks from any pieces of glitter from different surfaces.


Hairspray can be used to free items of clothing and other washable fabrics of glitter.

For this method, spritz the glittered portion of the fabric with aerosol hairspray.

Next, allow the hairspray to dry completely and then throw the item into a laundry wash.

Make sure to wash the item on its own, otherwise, the glitter may transfer onto these items.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil can also be used to help clean up glitter.

With glitter stuck on your skin, simply use a little bit of coconut oil on a cotton ball to wipe it clean.

Use makeup remover towelettes or baby wipes to remove the glitter.

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