The Highest-Grossing Winona Ryder Movies, Ranked

In the world of Hollywood’s most accomplished and versatile actresses, Winona Ryder stands out, having carved out a lasting legacy with a remarkable filmography for herself. From her breakthrough performances in the late ’80s to her continued success in the 21st century, Ryder’s talent and screen presence have left an indelible mark on cinema. Born on October 29, 1971 in Minesota, Winona has filmed alongside movie stars like Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Christian Slater, and Angelina Jolie among others. In this piece, we rank Winona’s top 10 highest-grossing movies, as they highlight her talent and appeal to audiences.

10 Edward Scissorhands – 1990 ($53.9 Million)

Edward Scissorhands, directed by Tim Burton, was produced by Denise Di Novi and Tim Burton himself. The movie featured Winona Ryder as Kim Boggs, the character who becomes a central figure in Edward’s unconventional story. Edward Scissorhands marked the beginning of a successful collaboration between Burton and Ryder. The movie enraptured global audiences, spotlighting Winona’s remarkable acting prowess and accumulating a worldwide box office haul of $53,980,220.

9 The Dilemma – 2011 ($70.5 Million)

Winona displayed flawless versatility in The Dilemma, produced by Brian Grazer. In the movie, she perfectly embodied the character of Geneva Backman, while Vince Vaughn played the character Ronny Valentine, and Kevin James portrayed the character of Nick Brannen. The movie plot, under the direction of Ron Howard, centers around a man who discovers his best friend’s wife’s affair, leading to moral dilemmas and comedic situations as he decides whether to reveal the truth. The movie grossed $70,546,865 in the worldwide box office, solidifying its commercial success.

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8 Beetlejuice – 1988 ($74.4 Million)

In Beetlejuice, directed by Tim Burton, Winona Ryder portrayed the character, Lydia Deetz. This darkly comedic fantasy, produced by Michael Bender, Larry Wilson, and Richard Hashimoto tells the story of a quirky couple who seek the help of a mischievous ghost to rid their home of unwanted living occupants, causing chaos and hilarity in the afterlife. With Winona acting with charisma and wit alongside Michael Keaton in the titular role and Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin as the Maitlands, the film successfully hit a global earning of $74,456,687. 

7 Frankenweenie – 2021 ($81.1 Million)

In the 2012 film Frankenweenie, directed by Tim Burton and produced by Tim Burton and Allison Abbate, Winona Ryder voiced the character, Elsa Van Helsing. This stop-motion animated tale followed young Victor Frankenstein as he brought his beloved pet dog back to life. Ryder’s voice acting as Elsa exudes both allure and magnetism, infusing a captivating touch to the character. With a worldwide box office gross of $81,150,788, Frankenweenie showcased Winona Ryder’s vocal contribution to the film’s enchanting atmosphere.

6 Autumn in New York – 2000 ($90.7 Million)

Gary Lucchesi and Amy Robinson brought Winona Ryder into the role of Charlotte Fielding when they produced Autumn in New York, directed by Joan Chen. This romantic drama tells the poignant story of a May-December romance between a young woman with a terminal illness and an older restaurateur in New York City. Ryder’s character as Charlotte, the woman with a terminal illness, added a bittersweet depth to the narrative, leaving audiences with a blend of emotions that lingered long after the credits rolled. Little wonder the masterpiece amassed a worldwide box office gross of $90,717,684.

5 Alien: Resurrection – 1997 ($160.7 Million)

Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and produced by Bill Badalato and Gordon Carroll, Alien: Resurrection featured Winona Ryder as Annalee Call. This sci-fi horror’s plot is rooted in the distant future, where scientists clone Ripley to extract the Alien Queen, leading to deadly chaos as the creatures escape and a battle for survival ensues. Ryder’s portrayal of Call added a fresh dynamic to the narrative. The movie boasts a global earning of $160,700,000, thanks to Winona Ryder’s contribution, alongside the strong ensemble cast.

4 Mr. Deeds – 2002 ($171.2 Million)

Mr. Deeds, produced by Jack Giarraputo and Sid Ganis, featured Winona Ryder as Babe Bennett. This comedy, directed by Steven Brills, portrayed a quirky romance between Ryder’s character, a tabloid journalist, and Adam Sandler’s character, Longfellow Deeds. The movie centers around a small-town guy who inherits a fortune, navigating a world of wealth and greed while staying true to his simple values and finding unexpected romance. With global earnings of $171,269,535, Mr. Deeds became a commercial success and Winona Ryder’s portrayal of Babe showcases her comedic timing.

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3 Bram Stoker’s Dracula – 1992 ($215.8 Million)

In 1992, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, a unique adaptation of the classic vampire tale directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by Francis Ford Coppola was released. The movie featured Winona Ryder as Mina Harker/Elisa alongside Gary Oldman as Count Dracula. It tells the story of Count Dracula’s quest for love, as he seeks to reunite with a reincarnation of his lost love. Winona’s character added a certain mystique to her character, which attracted audiences, scaling the movie to earn global earning of $215,862,666.

2 Black Swan – 2010 ($331.2 Million)

Black Swan, directed by Darren Aronofsky and produced by Scott Franklin focuses on a former prima ballerina Beth, whose pursuit of perfection turns nightmarish as she battles her inner demons. Winona’s portrayal of Beth Macintyre adds a sense of realism to the psychological thriller. The movie’s exploration of the dark side of ambition and the competitive world of ballet captivated audiences, as it grossed a global earning of $331,266,710.

1 Star Trek – 2009 ($386.8 Million)

Star Trek was directed and produced by J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof. The film, boasting a global earning of $386,839,614, takes viewers through the journey of a diverse crew led by Captain Kirk as they embark on a space mission, encountering various species and challenges while exploring the galaxy. Winona Ryder’s role as Amanda Grayson in Star Trek is a testament to her acting prowess. Her ability to infuse the character with emotion elevates the film’s narrative and enriches the relationships between characters.

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