Laura Hamilton addresses A Place In The Sun dig as new series debunks complaint

A Place In The Sunpresenter, Laura Hamilton, firmly countered sceptical Channel 4 viewers by asserting that a significant number of individuals were indeed going to make property purchases on the show's new series.

TheChannel 4personality addressed prevalent misconceptions and shed light on what fans can anticipate from the upcoming season.

Laura clarified that the frequent airing of episodes of A Place In The Sun might have created a perception among viewers that the buyers did not actually finalise their purchases.

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But when discussing upcoming episodes not yet seen, Laura divulged that audiences could anticipate “loads of people buying properties”.

She told “It's funny, because I always see these little clips that go round where people go, you know, ‘oh A Place In The Sun, does anyone actually buy it?’

"Well, actually, there are a lot of people buying.

“They're mostly watching old shows, but there's loads of great destinations and loads of great house hunters in the series – the new series started last week, I believe.”

The 41-year-old TV star went on to tease that there was some exciting news coming as well, and that people should “watch this space”.

Laura expressed her love for the role she embodies on the Channel 4 show, as she affirmed: “It's incredible, now, the amount of people that are buying.”

She continued: “I’ve had like a really great run of people buying and so I think that's brilliant, and a testament."

The TV favourite said she believed more people were planning to buy after appearing on the show because of the new working from home rules.

She told the publication she "loved" seeing more people make the move in the new series.

Laura reportedly admitted that she could “definitely, 100 percent” see herself fronting the show for a long time to come.

The presenter, who has been a regular on the property programme – making her debut way back in 2012, recently spoke out about her future on the hit Channel 4 show.

Taking to her Instagram back in June,Laura revealed she had scored a hosting gig for a new dating show , worlds away from A Place in the Sun.

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