The Holiday’s Sophie star unrecognisable 17 years since hit Christmas movie

Jude Law's onscreen daughter from The Holiday, Miffy Englefield has grown up since her time playing the role of Sophie. The child star has since become a mum herself and said the film "still feels like a fever dream".

After starring in The Holiday alongside Cameron Diaz, Jack Black and onscreen sister Emma Pritchard, Miffy took a step back from acting. She welcomed her first child Frances with partner Alex Whivley-Conway in April 2020.

She took to Instagram shortly after her baby girl arrived to announce the news.

"After taking the first few days to start processing and recovering, I finally feel ready to announce that at 5.03am on 23rd April 2020 we welcomed a healthy, beautiful baby girl into the world," she captioned the post.

"Frances Rosanna Lee Englefield was born via emergency C-section, weighing 6lb 7oz. She was met with tears, joy and more love than can ever be described."

The hit Christmas movie made Miffy a household name when she was just six years old but 17 years later, the child star said it still feels "surreal". Speaking to Heat, Miffy said: "The way I've always described it is surreal. It still feels like a fever dream."

One of the most iconic scenes from The Holiday includes Miffy and her on screen dad Jude Law taking on his "Mr Napkin Head" routine.

Despite being the star of the Christmas movie, Miffy confessed that her daughter, who is now three years old, is "obsessed with The Grinch". Not fazed, the mum added: "I think it's fantastic, and Elf, obviously."

But the fame hasn't come without its unusual reactions from people. Speaking to The New York Times, she mentioned how other students acted "funny" about her acting past, but that doesn't faze her.

"At school, people were a bit funny about the fact that I used to be an actress, but I could go to these gigs and be around people who didn't care," Miffy said.

She also highly praised her co-star "Jude [Law] had so much time for us. He was always giving me tips about acting."

After her successful appearance in the 2006 film, Miffy featured in Casualty and the short film Beautiful Enough before handing in the towel as an actress.

Miffy swapped TV and film for music, performing at local gigs in her hometown of West Sussex while also working as a barista. The movie star now uses her fame on TikTok where she boasts a whopping 65K followers and over a million likes.

In 2021, Miffy spoke about her unpleasant interactions with "old men" commenting on her looks inappropriately on a TikTok video. "When gross old men say things like 'I'm so glad you are still as cute as you were in The Holiday' to me," she wrote on her account (@miffz_).

She expressed discomfort with comparisons of her current appearance to how she looked as a child. The young mum's post quickly got recognised by TikTok users, sparking various comments.

"I literally knew who you were straight away, Mr Napkin Head is still hilarious," one user wrote. While another offered some comforting words: "Well my gran loves that film and always points out how good you are in it so I hope that makes you feel a bit better."

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