Tim Allen Accused of Being 'So F–king Rude' on Set by Santa Clauses Co-Star Casey Wilson

Saturday Night Live alum Casey Wilson details her experiences acting opposite Tim Allen on the Disney+ spin-off of The Santa Clause, calling it the "single worst experience I've ever had with a co-star ever."

Tim Allen may play jolly old St. Nick on The Santa Clauses, the Disney+ spinoff of his popular Santa Clause film franchise, but co-star Casey Wilson says he was anything but jolly to work with him.

In fact, the Saturday Night Live alum went so far as to say of the Home Improvement star, “Tim Allen is such a b—h!” The actress broke down what happened on a recent episode of her Bitch Sesh podcast, as covered by multiple media outlets.

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The Happy Endings star called her time filming the pilot episode of the series the “worst, truly single worst experience I’ve ever had with a co-star ever.” TooFab has reached out to Tim Allen’s rep for comment.

Wilson detailed one scene in particular as an example, recalling a moment from the pilot where her character Sara interacts with Allen’s Scott Calvin turned St. Nicholas.

“I’m supposed to throw things at him,” explained Wilson. “He’s coming down the chimney, obviously as Santa. And I am woken up thinking there’s an intruder — basically like a home invasion scene.”

According to Wilson, at one point Allen went over to speak with a producer who was standing just four feet away from her. With her visibly in ear shot, he purportedly opted not to talk to her directly.

[This person] breezes past me and just goes, ‘You’re seeing him on a good day.’

“I basically hear him—he goes, ‘You gotta tell her to stop stepping on my lines,'” Wilson recalled. “The producer turns to me with horror on his face and has to walk one foot to me and he goes, ‘Um, Tim would ask that you stop stepping on his lines.'”

All of this happened with both actors standing just feet apart, according to Wilson’s telling. “When he was done, he was so f–king rude,” she added. “Never made eye contact, never said anything. It was, it was so uncomfortable.”

According to Wilson, Allen then left abruptly as soon as they’d finished filming their scene together. She further claimed that it wasn’t just her, but rather “everybody was walking on eggshells” around the star, “people just looked frantic.”

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She recalled the way he signaled he was done, too. “It’s the end, and Tim Allen goes, ‘Leaving!,’ takes his Santa cape, picks it up and drops it on the floor and walks out.”

From there, Wilson said that his stand-in took over, who she described as “a lovely man who was much nicer to act against.”

“People are scurrying to pick up his velvet Santa coat,” Wilson said of the aftermath of Allen’s exit. “He’s a b—h. And this is the best … I will not say who said this. This was someone that I do not know, perhaps in the crew. [This person] breezes past me and just goes, ‘You’re seeing him on a good day.”

As for why she stayed silent for more than a year — the pilot premiered November 2022 — Wilson said it was in part because her kids “loved the movies” and because one of the show’s producers is “a great friend.”

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