Tiny 4ft 9in mum ‘at breaking point’ as size H boobs suffocate her as she sleeps

A tiny mum has to be woken up by her partner because her huge boobs suffocate her as she kips.

Holly Shortland, who is just 4ft 9in, says her size H breasts now weigh about a stone each.

The 18-year-old is the target of cruel comments from strangers who tell her to wear a bra even though she can’t find one that fits.

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Holly lost six stone hoping they would shrink, but it didn’t work and her breasts still rest in her lap when she sits down.

She explained: “They’re unbelievably heavy and unbelievably saggy.”

In the night, they press on her throat and her bartender partner, Ryan, 21, has to lift them and roll her over.

Holly said: “I can’t breathe in my sleep, that’s the breaking point. I can’t do it anymore – they suffocate me.

“They wake me up every couple of hours.

“They put weight on my chest and if I lay down they go all the way up into my throat and push on my throat and face.

“Ryan helps me out a lot with them but as a man he’ll never really understand the struggle.”

Holly, from Taunton, Somerset, said the weight of her boobs gives her sore ribs and hips.

She is now fundraising for a breast reduction operation in Turkey and hopes if they’re reduced to a DD she’ll be able to sleep better.

But Holly added: “Ryan likes big boobs and how I am, but I can’t do this anymore.

"He was so supportive of me getting rid of them. He said good for you.

"Ryan loves them how they are. It's how he's always known me.

"I care about his opinion but also his opinion isn't valid. If he said he didn't want me to, I'd tell him to f*** off and get it done anyway.

"I'm not planning on having a flat chest. Seeing me with a normal sized chest will be hard for me.

"I'm Holly Shortland, the girl with the big t*ts, ever since I was 14. It's a personality trait now. It will be hard for me to lose a part of myself but I need to get it sorted as soon as possible."

You can donate to Holly's page here.


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