Todrick Hall Will Pay More Than $100,000 Due To Unpaid Rent

American singer, songwriter, choreographer, and YouTuber has been ordered to cough up six figures after being sued over unpaid rent.

According to new legal docs, a default judgment was entered against Todrick and now he’s on the hook for more than $102,000.

In March 2022. Todrick was sued for allegedly failing to pay back rent on a Sherman Oaks home. The suit claimed his monthly rent was $30,000 and he had fallen behind.

The owners of the home, Avi and Orna Lavian, served Hall with a pay or quit notice on March 3, which was given to another occupant of the house, according to the civil complaint, which was submitted to court by the plaintiffs’ attorney on March 29.

In addition to the past-due rent of $60,000 for February and March 2022, the landlords want reasonable attorney fees, forfeiture of the agreement, damages at the rate of $1,000 per day and “all other relief the court deems just and reasonable.”

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In February 2021, Hall showed off the home as his own in a YouTube video titled “Bought My DREAM Home!!! FULL TOUR,” which has amassed more than 500,000 views.

“I have been wanting to buy a home for a very long time and this is a dream come true,” the singer/dancer says in the video before taking his followers on a tour of the mansion. “I saw over 50 homes and decided to get this one. When I saw this one, I fell in love.

Hall often talked about the house during his time on Celebrity Big Brother season 3, which aired in February. He came in second place after receiving backlash from his fellow players, which caused him to cancel all of his exit press interviews following the finale.

“I haven’t avoided press because I’m afraid to comment on my experience on Big Brother, but more to protect myself and my mental health to make sure I could actually get my show on stage and fulfill my obligations to my fans and my PAID employees,” the American Idol alum wrote in a March 12 Instagram post.

“I have no desire to prove myself to people who were never rooting for me to begin with, but I do want to say to my fans that I will be commenting on my experience once the show is open, because I feel you deserve it. Thanks to everyone who watched and supported me in the bb house. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, but I’m glad I did it.”

He had previously made it seem as though he owned the home on social media, declaring, “I have been wanting to buy a home for a very very long time, and this is a dream come true.”

In addition to $100,000 in damages, he’s been ordered to pay another $2,000 in attorney fees and costs.

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Sources: US Weekly Magazine, TMZ

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