Woman shares hack to swerve ‘rip off’ washing up liquid – but is slammed

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A shopper filmed herself topping up a washing-up liquid bottle with another one because she believed she was being "ripped off" by the supermarket.

The woman, who goes by the name "RandaPanda" on TikTok, was left fuming when she saw the cleaning products not filled up to the top.

"Walmart is not ripping me off," she accused.

The TikToker opened two bottles of Dawn washing-up liquid and filled one of them to the very top of the family-sized bottle.

But viewers disagreed with her and said customers were not over-paying.

One noted: "You're not getting ripped off, you are paying for a volume. There's a space left in most things to avoid leaking or popping during transport."

Another added: "They literally wrote the amount of the liquid in the container, you're not getting ripped off."

Some believed the TikTok committed criminal offence and wasted the product.

"You might as well steal the second bottle because they can't use it no more," a viewer joked.

And a fourth commented: "You're just going to set up a bad example, just like those people licking ice-cream in stores."

The customer defended herself and replied: "It was already half empty, someone already did it before me and I thought 'that's hilarious I'm going to do that and post this on TikTok'."

She later made another video with her friends emptying the washing-up liquid in front of a Christmas tree on the street.

"TikTok, don't talk to Dawn. I'm not doing anything wrong," she added.

In other news, shoppers found the reason why there is a number on the glass bottle of Heinz tomato ketchup.

The number "57" was strategically placed just below the neck of the bottle as Heinz says that the spot is the perfect place to tap on the bottle when you're struggling to get ketchup out.

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