Woman’s £285 tattoo tribute to great-gran ends up ‘looking like a uterus’

A woman who intended on having a floral tattoo inked in tribute to her great-grandmother is now searching for a cover-up after her dad – and viewers – noticed it didn't quite look as intended.

Jessika Gancedo, who posts on TikTok as @jessikabaileyg, spent £285 getting the Iris flower with wings tattooed on her when she was 18.

But now as an adult, she very much regrets the decision, especially after her dad told her that it looked like a "cabbage patch".

In the video, which has reached more than 35,000 views, she explained: "I did not research the tattoo artist. I did not come in with a picture reference. I came in with an idea and the tattoo was only $350.

"It is supposed to be an Iris flower with wings in tribute to my great-grandmother, Iris, and just know that immediately, whenever I got it and walked over to my dad to show him, he said, 'oh yeah, it's a tribute to her cabbage patch kid'.

"I've been in two tattoo artists. I'm talking about a coverup. The first one said, 'oh yeah, we can cover that pretty easily. It's pretty faded.'

"But the second one said it's going to have to be pretty big though. The second one also told me that it looks like a 30-year-old tattoo. I will say my dad has a worse one than this. So I guess bad tattoos just run in the family."

The expensive blunder left her TikTok followers in hysterics and comparing it to other things which were definitely not what she paid for.

One user said: "It’s kind of giving…uterus."

Another said: "I got a bad iris tattoo when I turned 18 too."

However, most users didn't think it was as bad as what she thought it was.

One user said: "Ma’am it’s not bad, but $350 is not a good deal."

Another added: "Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Even without the explanation, I would have known what it was."

A third commented: "Okay low key it’s not that bad though, for a tattoo you got when you were 18 I was expecting something really bad haha. I lowkey like it"

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