Anthony Joshua reveals which defeat hurt him the most: ‘I wasn’t supposed to lose that fight’

Joshua lost on all three scorecards in his first fight with Usyk, who was a split-decision winner in their rematch. Despite the closer nature of the second bout, Joshua refused to give himself credit for an improved performance.

“It was weak. It was a weak performance by me,” he told Dazn. “I wasn’t supposed to lose, in my head.

“It just… I give my life to this game, man. I give everything, I swear to you. I give a lot. Even talking about it now, it just makes me feel like… choked up a bit.

“When you put everything into something, it’s not easy… The only thing we get credit for is winning, there’s no silver medal in boxing. And what I gave wasn’t enough.”

Joshua seized a microphone after his second loss to Usyk and delivered a strange speech

After his second loss to Usyk – his first and last fight under coach Robert Garcia – Joshua seized a microphone and delivered a passionate but confused rant against his critics. He then spoke tearfully at the post-fight press conference.


Joshua was a calmer figure after beating Franklin in April, in his first fight under Derrick James, but admitted he was disappointed in his performance.

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