Dodgers fans fighting rivals as they invade Houston with cheating chants

Dodgers fans came ready to fight in Houston this week.

A wild brawl broke out at Minute Maid Park on Wednesday when a Dodgers couple took on a a male Astros duo right in their seats.

In viral videos taken by onlookers, a Dodgers fan, with his jersey open and bare chest out, threw consecutive punches to the head of an Astros fan. Then, the man’s presumed partner jumped in and started throwing jabs herself.

This week’s slate of games marked the first time fans were in attendance for a Dodgers-Astros game since the 2017 World Series — a series tainted by Houston’s electronic sign-stealing scheme.

Dodgers supporters wouldn’t let Astros fans forget the team’s infamous cheating scandal, which helped Houston win the series in seven games.

Earlier this week, Dodgers fans invaded Houston, yelling “cheaters” in the streets. The same chants continued on Tuesday when L.A. defeated the Astros 9-2, and carried on throughout the week.

Other viral videos showed Dodgers fans holding up garbage cans and signs and starting “trash” chants. Sections of L.A. fans rocking Dodgers blue and white entered screaming matches with the sea of Astros fans on their home territory.

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