Man Utd star Greenwood on idolising Brazilian Ronaldo and how Edinson Cavani is teaching him.. without speaking English

MANCHESTER UNITED rising star Mason Greenwood has revealed he turned to a pair of South American strikers to learn his trade.

The England youngster, 19, is well on his way to becoming one of the next big things in football.

But Greenwood has claimed he learned all his tricks and skills from Brazil legend Ronaldo as a youngster, before turning to new team-mate Edinson Cavani to further his education.

Speaking to Rio Ferdinand on BT Sport, Greenwood revealed: "One player I used to watch was R9, the Brazilian Ronaldo.

"I used to always watch videos and clips of him in the car coming to training every single day.

"You know his stepovers, I used to do it on the goalkeeper and the players.

"I always used to do what he used to do like the fake shots, the stepovers.

"I'd practice it in training then obviously do in the games and now it's stuck to me really.

"I used to always watch him, and used to be fascinated how he used to do the stepover.

"Obviously to do it on players, but to do it on a keeper, on one on ones, used to amaze me. I used to practice it in training."


From one South American legend to another, Greenwood has revealed he is continuing his football education with new United team-mate Cavani.

Greenwood continued: "Obviously [Cavani] doesn't speak the same language.

"But you can just tell, the way he plays the way he trains, you already know he is setting the example.

"You can either watch him, or don't pay attention. So I always pay attention, watch him, the way he finishes the way he does the runs and stuff.

"He does tell me, the runs to make in the box, he's probably scored 300 goals doing the same movement in the box over and over again.

"Some people say it's luck, but he's probably doing that four, five, six times a game.

"It's good to have him around the club and to watch and learn from him.

"I've not scored a headed goal this season, I've not really had many chances but to add one thing, that's probably my weakest areas, heading the football.

"I'm always practicing after training, but to have one thing is heading and with Edi, to see it in training with is like how do you get in that position, how do you even score a header from there."

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