Okolie vs Glowacki LIVE RESULTS: Ring walks NEXT, Cordina WINS on comeback – stream, TV channel, latest updates

LAWRENCE OKOLIE is about to head to the ring for his world title showdown against Krzysztof Glowacki.

  • TV channel/Live stream: Sky Sports Arena/NOW TV
  • Live results: Joe Cordina BEATS Faroukh Kourbanov (points)
  • Anthony Fowler BEATS Jorge Fortea (R3 TKO)
  • Ellie Scotney BEATS Mailys Gangloff (points)
  • Chris Billam-Smith BEATS Vasil Ducar (points)
  • Ramla Ali BEATS Bec Connelly (points)
  • Bradley Rea BEATS Lee Cutler (R1 TKO)

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  • Matt Penn


    Well, here we are, moments away from the main event, with Lawrence Okolie about to fight for the WBO world cruiserweight title in his 16th fight.

    But Krzysztof Glowacki is no pushover, so this will be the toughest test of The Sauce's career to date.


  • Matt Penn


    Rounds in the bank for Joe Cordina tonight.

  • Matt Penn


    The Welsh Wizard gets the job done. The judges give it to him 96-96, 98-93, 96-95 – majority decision.


  • Matt Penn


    Kourbanov really trying to give it his all in there, but there's no way he's getting this on the cards.

    Cordina has been too slick and too classy for him, but Kourbanov has still given a decent account of himself.

    The Welshman has still been hit a fair bit tonight. Ring rust must be the answer for that.

    In the end, solid rounds in the bank for Cordina, who clearly needs to push on with his career now. 7-3.

  • Matt Penn


    Decent round for Kourbanov in there! He lands some big shots on Cordina, who welcomes them and fires back.

    Both fighters looking to tussle with more intent in the penultimate round of the fight.

    Kourbanov comes back with more fire toward the end of the round and Cordina pushes him back onto the ropes for some inside game.

    Best round of the fight.

  • Matt Penn


    Kourbanov tries to come out a little more aggressive but Cordina looks to be having fun in there, popping off his jab when he needs to.

    His promoter Eddie Hearn has spoken about getting Cordina a world title shot this year.

    And that just might be the perfect sort of pick-me-up fight for Cordina.

    There's not much more he can do with Kourbanov, the power simply doesn't seem to be there. But he's winning.

  • Matt Penn


    Cordina having success in the seventh with his stinging jab and he's winning this fight fairly easily right now.

    Kourbanov can't really hang with Cordina. The Welshman clearly needs classier opposition to showcase his own slick skills.

    And the 14 months out of the ring won't have helped either.

    At the moment we're coasting to a clear Cordina win on the cards.

  • Matt Penn


    Cordina with some more neat work but he ate a big right hand in the middle of some inside work there,

    Kourbanov landed flush and it got his corner very excited, but Cordina styled it out in his usual slick fashion,

    The Welshman gets into a closer exchange with Kourbanov and the pair look to work in close, but Kourbanov looks to be the slightly stronger man in there.

  • Matt Penn


    More of the same from both fighters in there.

    Cordina clearly the better boxer and the much-neater of the two, but nothing too out-there to shout home about.

    He's going to have to take some risks in thee if he wants a stoppage tonight.

    Kourbanov is trying to come forward and give it some but Cordina bats him away with counters off the ropes.

    Solid round.

  • Matt Penn


    Cordina with more neat work, but not much for Kourbanov to get too worried about.

    It's all very workmanlike in there at the moment, nothing too adventurous going on from either fighter.

    Round 4 to Cordina.

  • Matt Penn


    More solid stuff from Cordina to open the third but he's going to have to give a bit more if he wants to hurt Kourbanov.

    He may want to bank rounds after his lay-off, however. It's just not very incisive at the moment.

    Kourbanov tries to launch a body attack but Cordina snuffs it out, backs off and resets with jabs of his own.

    3-0 Cordina.

  • Matt Penn


    Cordina would some solid body-to-head attack in there, he's moving nice and slick, getting any lost rhythm back.

    The Welsh Wizard throws a few nice combos and Kourbanov retreats onto the ropes, but Cordina manages to land a lovely body shot.

    Kourbanov gets a couple of his own nice jabs in there too.

    Both fighters now being warned for hitting the back of each other's heads.

    2-0 Cordina.

  • Matt Penn


    Bit of a feeling out round for Cordina, who's not been in the ring since November 2019 remember.

    Kourbanov doesn't look anywhere near as slick as Cordina in there. The Welshman throwing out nice jabs both to the head and body.

    Not much coming back in his direction either. Kourbanov tries to get the body attack going but he's struggling.

    1-0 Cordina.

  • Matt Penn


    The co-main of the evening is about to get UNDERWAY!

  • Matt Penn


    This is how stablemate Lawrence Okolie reacted to Anthony Fowler's big KO win tonight.

  • Matt Penn


    Joe Cordina is back in action, next!

  • Matt Penn


    Chisora is in the house!

  • Matt Penn


    Big win for Fowler tonight, seriously impressive stoppage in round three.

  • Matt Penn


    Fowler still working off the jab but he's getting frustrated in there.

    Fortea with a very negative stance from the off, backing off whenever he gets close to Fowler.

    Barry asking for Fowler to jab low, keep it working and the right hand will follow.

    And Fowler scores a huge knockdown! Fortea up at 9! But Fowler gets him again!

  • Matt Penn


    More good stuff from Fowler, Fortea trying to frustrate but he's getting in there with some nice shots.

    The jab is key for Fowler, who can throw the power he wants later in the rounds.

    Shane asking for calm from his fighter, the stoppage will come.

  • Matt Penn


    Fowler playing around with the jab in there, trying to land big on his Spanish opponent early.

    Fortea is tough though. Fowler looking pretty mean in there to kick things off in the first few moments.

    Barry McGuigan again at ringside cheering his son's fighter on.

    More stiff jabs to end the round for Fowler.

  • Matt Penn


    Here we go!

  • Matt Penn


    Anthony Fowler is BACK! He's up next against Jorge Fortea.

  • Matt Penn


    Marcus McDonnell scores it 59-55 for Scotney!

  • Matt Penn


    Final round here, Scotney looking to get this fight in the bag and onto her third bout.

    Gangloff coming forward looking for openings, but not finding any whatsoever.

    Scotney, meanwhile, continuing her solid work, moving around the ring nice and slick. She finishes with more nice right hands.

    6-0 Scotney.

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