Oral Roberts coach Paul Mills nearly fought Kevin Bacon in Vegas barbershop

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Let’s play “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” ending with “Barbershop.” Go.

Oral Roberts hoops coach Paul Mills recounted a tale this week about a confrontation he once had with the popular actor in a Vegas barbershop.

Mills’ 15th-seeded Golden Eagles will face No. 3 Arkansas on Saturday in the Sweet 16 of the South Region of the NCAA Tournament after knocking off No. 2 Ohio State and No. 7 Florida in its first two games.

“This is like, I don’t know, 20-plus years ago, I went and got a haircut and I was sitting there and they have famous people they give haircuts to,” Mills said on the “68 Shining Moments” podcast. “They said ‘You can get a facial, too…Kevin Bacon is back there right now.’

“I said, wow, I’ve heard of Kevin Bacon, and he emerges from the back…He gave acknowledgements to the person there cutting his hair, and I said, ‘How was that facial?’”

Mills alleged that Bacon glared at him and shot back, “You look like you could use a few” facial treatments.

“So I said, ‘I would, but I’m not wearing any panties,’” Mills continued. “That was when it became like, confrontational. And it got to a point, and you’re young, right, and it’s kind of like they start walking towards you, and when you have a barber [bib] on, and he starts…”

Mills’ audio and video feeds froze at this point of the interview, leading the hosts to burst into laughter. The coach, in his fourth year at Oral Roberts after 14 years as an assistant at Baylor, called back into the show a few minutes later to finish the story.

“You’re young, right? You’re like really confrontational, like ‘I’m gonna get a piece of this guy’,” Mills said of Bacon. “Again, you’re young and you’re not very bright.”

Mills didn’t elaborate whether the alteration became physical, but he also recalled that boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard walked into the shop a few minutes later.

“Immediately afterwards — and I say immediately; within five minutes — Sugar Ray Leonard walked in,” Mills said. “And I said ‘I’m not saying anything to him.’”

“Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” – based on the concept Six Degrees of Separation – is a game in which participants must try to link an actor to Bacon by naming films that actors appeared in together for the shortest path to a movie involving Bacon.

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