A Place in the Sun fans distracted by buyer’s odd habit: ‘It’s really annoying me now’

A Place in the Sun: Laura shows couple around their last property

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During Friday’s episode of A Place in the Sun, Channel 4 host Laura Hamilton hoped to find Paul and Julia their dream home in southern Tenerife. The couple, who had a budget of £180,000, wanted a property that came with a private pool and enough space for their family to visit. However, throughout the duration of the property searches, viewers became distracted by Paul’s strange habit. The retired fireman constantly had his hand placed on Julia’s lower back – and viewers were left baffled by it.

At the beginning of the search, Paul told Laura he wanted a two-bedroom property with a roof terrace.

He also said he didn’t mind if the home needed a “bit of TLC”, whereas Julia wanted something that was ready to move into.

The retired fireman also wasn’t too fussed about having a swimming pool, although Julia told the property expert a pool was a necessity.

The first property Laura took the couple to, was a two-bedroom property on a complex.

The duo seemed to be impressed with the outdoor space, although Julia didn’t seem very happy with how small the rooms were.

The apartment was priced just below their budget and needed renovation work doing to it.

However, throughout the search, viewers took to social media to comment on Paul’s constant back touching.

“I really wish he’d let go of her,” Sarah penned.

Johnny wrote: “This is the weirdest episode ever. Is that guy’s hand superglued to the woman’s bum? I take back criticisms of all the dogs. This is SO WEIRD.” (sic)

Terry pointed out: “He’s very touchy-feely, isn’t he?

“It’s really annoying me now,” Ange replied.

While Terry weighed in: “I tell you, if my OH was constantly touching me like that, he’d be on the receiving end of a swift kick in the love spuds! #Aplaceinthesun.” (sic)

The second property Laura took them to was located just four minutes from the beach.

“It looks like a nice area,” Julia commented as they stood outside the apartment complex.

Julia seemed difficult to impress as when they stepped foot inside, she wasn’t happy about the small staircase.

Paul on the other hand said: “I like this property.”



Despite the spiral staircase, Paul and Julia decided to rule out the first property and told Laura the second was a contender.

The third property also came with a communal pool and had stunning sea views.

The couple seemed to be instantly impressed as the apartment had everything they were looking for.

For the fourth property, Laura took them back to a complex they had already been to, except she showed them a different apartment.



The property expert decided to let Paul and Julia view the apartment on their own.

However, it appeared they were left confused as Paul admitted they were being pulled in different directions.

The duo also liked the fifth property, but when it came to making a decision, Paul and Julia confessed they went back to have a second viewing of properties two and three.

However, after discussing their options, in the end, they decided to keep searching for their perfect property.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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