A Place in the Sun: Scarlette Douglas shut down over ‘cheeky’ offer ‘We’re going home’

A Place in the Sun: Scarlette suggests a 'cheeky offer'

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Scarlette Douglas was hoping to find Julia and Warren the forever home of their dreams on Thursday’s repeat of A Place in the Sun. The couple were looking to move to Alora, Spain but shut down the Channel 4 expert when she suggested they make a “cheeky” offer on the property they liked.

Julia and Warren were looking to relocate from Sunderland to the Andalusian countryside near the Spanish town of Alora.

The couple had a budget of £95,000 and were prepared to look at properties that needed a little bit of renovating. 

Julia wanted to use the move as a chance to fulfil her dream of beekeeping and fruit growing. 

While Warren wanted a property with enough space for his car collection. 

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Scarlette exceeded the couple’s expectations with a two-bedroom house in Ardales. 

However, the couple noted the swimming pool needed some work along with other projects.

Despite the renovations, Julia and Warren kept returning to the house during the rest of the property search. 

Scarlette’s final offering appealed to the couple and it was comfortably enough under budget for the necessary changes. 

Warren said: “It’s very deceiving from the outside,” and Julia added: “It would be a great project.

“With the price you’ve got some money left over to do what needs to be done with the garden for a hive and [to grow] lavender.”

“With a little bit of TLC it could be somewhere very nice,” Warren added. “But we’ve got a lot of thinking to do and juggle some numbers.”

Scarlette later met up with the couple to find out if they wanted to put an offer forward on any of the properties. 

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Explaining why the two-bedroom house was their favourite, Warren said: “You’d never get sick of that view.”

“I loved the outbuilding it would be brilliant to do that project,” Julia commented. 

“But we’re not sure if it’s a viable project for us, it might be too much work for me,” Warren explained. 

Scarlette suggested using a builder and noted the estimated cost of the work was £20,000.

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“That property was on the market at just over £81,000 so potentially you could go in with a cheeky offer, go in low and then you’d have a bit of money left over to do that,” Scarlette said.

“She’s right you know,” Julia replied and the presenter continued: “I’m just trying to think about how we could potentially make this property work for both of you, that was the one to beat.”

Warren explained: “It’s something to think about it but I think it is something we’re going to have to go away and reevaluate at this moment in time.”

“But you’ve helped us get clear in our own minds what is important for the rest of our lives,” Julia added.

A Place in the Sun airs on Channel 4 on weekdays at 3pm.

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