Adult star-turned-actress ‘cried’ when trolls called her lip filler ‘disgusting’

A porn star who was hand-picked for a role in the hit series Euphoria has revealed the nasty abuse she faced online for her enlarged lips.

Chloe Cherry was a successful adult performer before she found mainstream success with Euphoria, a fictional US series that follows teenagers as they party and explore their sexuality on the way to adulthood.

Chloe features as prostitute Faye in the second series of the programme and soon drew attention for her prominent red lips.

And, speaking on the BFFs podcast, the adult performer opened up about her lip filler experiences, admitting that they had attracted criticism from social media trolls.

Chloe was asked about previous comments that her lips had been inspired by Bratz dolls, and responded that this was “not necessarily” entirely true.

“The reason I got my lips done is that I would just look at myself every day and go, ‘God I look so good with some big lips’,” she explained.

“I’ve literally had my lips done like 15 times… Technically I should only have a maximum of having them done like 12 times, but I’ve had them done way more than that.”

Chloe explained that the reason for the large number of injections she had received is because the procedure isn’t permanent.

“Technically if I stopped getting my lips done from now on, they would eventually just go away and eventually they would be completely natural,” she said.

“So that’s why when people were freaking out and were like, ‘oh my God her lips look so bad’, I was like, ‘whatever it’s not a permanent thing."

Although benefitting from her transition from porn into the mainstream spotlight when she was signed for season two of Euphoria, Chloe admitted that she had struggled with the intense attention on her appearance.

“When the show first came out I cried so much because of the s*** that people were saying about my lips and the way that people were making fun of my lips," she remembered.

"It was so bad to have that many people just saying that you look disgusting, using the word disgusting for your looks, just so horrible. It was really, really intense to have people say that you look that terrible.”

Chloe described how trolls would even create side-by-side comparisons of her lips before and after filler, suggesting that she hadn’t improved her image.

“If any person gets any little plastic surgery done, there will always be people out there saying, ‘you looked better before’, I don’t know why. But then if you don’t have anything done it’s like, ‘you need this’," she observed.

In another recent podcast appearance, Chloe opened up about her transition from porn into mainstream TV, and also spoke candidly about suffering with her image while shooting porn, which resulted in her battling an eating disorder.

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