An Official Ranking of All the Best ‘Friends’ Halloween Episodes

If you’ve literally ever watched an episode of Friends, you’ll know the Thanksgiving episodes are legendary. I mean, who could forget Brad Pitt’s guest-starring role at the height of Jennifer Aniston and Brad’s relationship mania? Or Monica getting the turkey stuck on her head and doing her little dance. And the Christmas episodes are almost as good. Ross playing the “Holiday Armadillo” is still hilarious all these years later. But Halloween is a holiday that didn’t get nearly as much love from the show when it was on-air, which is surprising given all the other holiday content.

We’re here to rank every single Halloween episode of Friends, which is actually pretty easy because… drumroll please… there is only one Friends Halloween episode.

Season 8, Episode 6: “The One with the Halloween Party”

Yep, there’s literally one, so you might want to reconsider planning a Friends-themed Halloween marathon. Here’s the basic plot:

Monica decides to throw a very last-minute party and she insists everyone come in a costume. She dresses up as Catwoman (and looks incredible), Phoebe dresses up as Supergirl, Chandler is a big, pink bunny, Ross is a potato, Rachel wears a normal dress because she’s pregnant and she knows she won’t be able to wear it for much longer, and Joey dresses up as Chandler. Phoebe runs into her twin sister Ursula and realizes she’s been lying to her boyfriend (Sean Penn). Monica ends up handing out money to trick-or-treaters. And there’s a big debate over who would win in a fight: Ross or Chandler.

Sure, it’s a good episode, but if you’re looking for boatloads of Halloween sitcom goodness, Friends probably isn’t your best bet.

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