Antiques Road Trip expert lost for words as damaged item makes huge profit

Antiques Road Trip: Raj Bisram makes £170 profit

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Raj Bisram and Paul Martin went head to head for the final time in a recent episode of BBC Two’s Antiques Road Trip. The experts were on their final leg of the journey and after an epic tour of the south and southwest, their shopping and salesroom extravaganza concluded in the Cotswolds. One of the items Raj had spotted and was hoping would make him a tidy profit was the 18th century Welsh coffer. After haggling with the seller to reduce the price tag, he ended up making a whopping profit when it went to auction. 

“Now this is a nice piece, this is a genuine antique,” he told viewers. “This is 18th century, probably dated around 1770 and it’s Welsh. 

“This is a coffer and was used for all sorts of things. Sometimes, if it was in a hallway, you would put linen in it. 

“And it’s got its original lock place, but the hinge is missing,” Raj explained taking a closer look. 

“But it’s got nice original carvings, and there’s some lovely detail around the edge. 

“They’ve even gone and carved it in these little semi-circles, and it’s made of oak,” he continued revealing the details. 

As for the condition of the inside: “The bottom plate has been replaced, and I can see that straightaway because the bottom plate has got hinge marks on it. So it’s from a different piece. 

“It’s got a £220 on the ticket. If I can get this for £120 to £150, I’ve got a chance of a small profit,” the expert remarked. 

“What I’m going to do is I’m going to keep looking around, but I’m going to keep that in mind.” 

After a little while longer in the antique store, Raj spoke with the seller: “I’ve also seen upstairs you’ve got a really nice Welsh coffer. 

“It’s got a £220 on the ticket. I’d like to offer you £120, what do you think about that?” 

She replied: “No I can’t do £120. I can knock it down to £150 for you.” 

“£150? I’ll have it! Again, thank you,” Raj said. 

Raj and Paul sat down at the end of the episode and watched the online bid take place virtually. 

“I know there was a few things wrong with it,” Raj referenced his coffer. 

Paul added: “I think, as a decorator’s piece and as a storage piece, you should double your money. It should be worth £300.” 

The auctioneer started with: “Commission bids £100. I give it £110. On the book for 100. 

“100, let’s see any advance. 110, 120 on commission. 130 with you. 140, 150, 160, 170…” 

“Oh, profit,” Raj commented and the auctioneer continued: “£220. At £200 on commission agains the internet. If you’re all through. £220 bid, last chance there. At £240, £260, £280, £300.

“Well done, £300!” Paul exclaimed and Raj replied: “Go on, one more. Be a bit greedy! One more.” 

“£320, £340, with you. The bid’s £320 on the book. At £320 and away,” the auctioneer confirmed. 

“£320! The hammer’s gone down!” Paul said and Raj added: “I’m pleased with that!” 

Raj made £170 profit on the coffer. 

Antiques Road Trip airs weekdays at 4.30pm on BBC Two. 

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