Dick Strawbridge addresses Escape to the Chateau regrets ‘Haven’t had the time’

Escape to the Chateau: Dick and Angel on re-rendering wall

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Channel 4 viewers have been following Angel Adoree and Dick Strawbridge restore Château de la Motte-Husson on their hit programme Escape to the Chateau for several years. The husband and wife have been sharing regular videos on the progress they have been making on their website. While the interior has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, Dick admitted the outside “needs love”. 

“We wanted to give you a tour of our garden,” Dick began while shooting a video on their website. “It’s a beautiful evening at the chateau.” 

Angel was filming him while their two children Arthur and Dorothy were being looked after by their grandparents. 

The couple were standing on top of a cherry picker, and Angel was holding onto the side of the machine as she was a little nervous about how high up they were. 

They were on the cherry picker as they wanted to discuss their walled garden and show footage of the area from above. 

“How wonderful is that?” Dick said while panning the camera around the idyllic garden which was bursting with flowers. 

“Now the garden isn’t looking too shoddy from up here, look at those beds,” he gushed. 

However, he admitted: “It does need a bit more love and attention, we haven’t had the time really, but look at all of those yellow flowers. 

“We have got just about half of the garden tamed and there are a lot of things going on.”

As he was filming the garden, he added: “Suffice to say, it’s actually beautiful.” 

He highlighted to his wife how busy the bees around the chateau were as he could see a cloud of the pollen-gathering bugs hovering around. 

When they were safely back on the ground, Dick explained how Angel knew her way around their walled garden. 

“Nature was, before I lived here, a walk around Victoria Park,” Angel explained. 

“When you’re in London, that’s nature,” Dick quipped. 

Angel described their garden as stunning and showed the camera their herb area as well as some of Dick’s favourite plants. 

He later pulled up some spring onions which only took four weeks to grow in their garden. 

Angel and Dick post updates about their mammoth renovation on their website to keep their Escape to the Chateau fans in the loop. 

Season nine of the popular Channel 4 programme is set to return to screens by the end of 2022, Angel recently announced. 

The pair have been nominated for a Reality Television Awards for Reality Person of the Year. 

However, voters have to choose which of them deserves the accolade as it is an individual award.

Escape to the Chateau episodes can be streamed on All4. 

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