Antiques Road Trip’s Natasha Raskin Sharp brands co-star a ‘beast’ over staggering profit

Antiques Road Trip: Natasha calls James a "beast" after big profit

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A recent episode of the BBC valuation programme, which sees antique experts travel the length and breadth of Britain to hunt for the most valuable items, saw Natasha competing against colleague James. The Antiques Road Trip episode left Natasha stunned as a small bird ornament sold for an impressive £95 after James had purchased it for just £15. The Scottish television presenter branded her co-star a “beast” for his good eye.

While he was looking around an antique shop, James spotted a small toucan figurine perched on a stone base.

“That is a very nice, rather fun object, isn’t it?” he asked, picking up the toucan.

He added: “I think it’s the toucan – I think that’s crystal and I think his body is crystal and I think his tail is crystal.

“And I’m just going to quickly look at his eyes – yeah, they’re little gem-set cabochon eyes, a little red stone there.”

Considering the object, he went on: “Yeah I don’t see why that isn’t crystal.

“If you are a bird person you’d love that, wouldn’t you? I think that’s great, I think that’s a really lovely object.”

Later, when the items both antique specialists had collected were being sold at auction, James’ hunch was proved correct.

As soon as the item was presented, the auctioneer commented: “Interest straight in at £70.”

“Seven, zero?” a shocked Natasha asked while watching on via a screen.

As the offers kept coming in, the auctioneer went on to reveal them: “£85, £90, £95.”

“Keep going!” James said happily, adding: “Three figures!”

It was eventually confirmed that the item sold for £95, which pleased James and baffled Natasha.

In disbelief about his £80 profit, James commented: “I think ‘jammy’ comes into it, doesn’t it?”

Stunned, Natasha glared at her colleague and replied: “You beast!”

Referring to his co-star’s Scottish background, James replied: “What do they say in Scotland? A wee jammy.”

Natasha had started off the episode with just £95, but by the end had pocketed £254.62.

James began with £160 and ended up with £350.10, making the most money in the instalment of the BBC programme.

Natasha, 35, is also a regular expert on Bargain Hunt, which sees her sharing her extensive knowledge on antiques as contestants battle it out for the best auction profits.

The TV valuation specialist fronts the series along with other experts, who are assigned a team to assist in each episode.

She makes appearances on several other valuation shows, including Antiques Road Trip.

Antiques Road Trip is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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