Bachelorette Katie Thurston sobs eliminating Andrew Spencer but REGRETS choice & begs for him to stay- which he refuses

BACHELORETTE Katie Thurston sobbed as she eliminated Andrew Spencer but later REGRETTED her choice and begged the fan-favorite to stay. 

Despite chasing down the 26-year-old through the hotel as he exited the show, Katie, 30, could not convince her suitor to stay after he admitted to feeling “displaced” by her dismissal.

One week before the highly coveted hometown’s next Monday, The Bachelorette sent home three men – Brendan Scanzano, Mike Planeta and Andrew. 

After eliminating the footballer at the rose ceremony, Katie asked to walk him out. 

She quickly began to sob as she admitted to having “such strong feelings” for the Minnesota native but had “deeper connections” with the other men. 

Katie broke down in tears and Andrew cried as well during the emotional sendoff.


The sad moment ended with a lengthy home and both of the reality stars appearing heartbroken. 

However, the following morning, Andrew appeared at Katie’s suite at their New Mexico resort for a happier goodbye. 

He told a shocked Katie that he couldn’t “end their relationship like last night” and needed to “ended it with a smile.” 

The two talk through some of their feelings – with Andrew proclaiming there is “really something there” between them. 

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However, Katie sticks by her decision and the pair embrace once again before she sends him packing. 

As Andrew leaves, he gives her a card that says “If you change your mind… I’ll be waiting.”

Katie once again sobbed as she read the card and fled her room to run through the hotel to chase her suitor down. 

When she catches up to him, he looks shocked and she runs into his arms and gives him a tight embrace. 

Katie cried that she just “had to see him again” and asked him “If there was a way to stay a little more time, would you want to?”

However, Andrew seemed defeated and expressed his disappointment with the entire situation. 


“Its hard because I can’t pretend this didn’t happen. It happened and I feel displaced. 

“I want my future wife to choose me and I wasn’t chosen. So I have to say no,” he confessed. 

Katie looked sad but was understanding of his decision and the two said goodbye for good – but not before making out one last time. 

The athlete's elimination comes one week after social media posts over the last several years resurfaced that show Andrew calling women “fat hoes” as well as other concerning comments. 

In one tweet to his friend from 2013, he said: “And Direll, stop talking to fat hoes.”

Back in 2016, the fan-favorite said: “All blondes have little lips.”

In a tweet written towards Kendall Jenner in 2014, the footballer referenced Kim Kardashian’s NFL star ex, Reggie Bush. 


“You’re just jealous I’m going to be the next Reggie Bush in that family,” the athlete said. 

He also made a series of controversial tweets about “Black women” specifically, including laughing at someone for “marrying a Black girl.”

The finalist even admitted his dream of becoming the next Bachelor.

“Let me be the next Bachelor,” he wrote with a smirk in March 2014. 

Andrew did not respond to The Sun’s request for comment. 

Fans were outraged by the insensitive messages, with one slamming him: "Noooooo! I just said he was my favorite guy from the past few seasons. This is why I have trust issues.”

Another said: “Ugh. This is really disappointing. Really like him on the show. I don’t get why these people don’t clean up their social media before they get on these shows. 

“I can maybe get over someone being young, dumb and ignorant in the past. But you grew up and looked at that stuff in the light of day now and didn’t see a problem?”

“Damn Andrew!!! This is so disappointing. I never would’ve pinned him to have such a misogynistic and inappropriate mindset,” a third said. 

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