Ben Shephard staggered as Tipping Point player equals record on show ‘Worth waiting for!’

Tipping Point: Contestant gets 19 counters

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Ben Shephard, 46, was on hand to help another four players face off against one another for victory in a repeat episode of Tipping Point. It was a tense game as the quizzing amateurs did their best to get their hands on the most amount of coins to get into the final. However, just moments before the second round of the ITV programme came to an end, David blew everyone away when he claimed a record-breaking win.

David played against Mike, Tracy and Caitlin for the crown and by the end of the first round, it was the latter who was sent home first.

The youngster had only managed to accumulate £50 and Ben said it was “cruel” the giant-sized arcade machine hadn’t let her secure more coins.

By the time it came to David playing his coins in the second round of the episode, it seemed the machine was being a lot more generous.

With £400 in his bank, it seemed there was little hope of the contestant winning the game but after answering five questions correctly, he had more of a chance to boost his earnings.

With Tracy having set up drop zone two perfectly, the player decided he would put all his focus into pushing off the huge mass of coins that were lingering over the edge.

Unfortunately, the first coin of five did not manage to knock off any coins, with Ben stating the machine was “cruelly teasing” the contestant.

Just as he was about to release the second coin, several of the coins dropped but by this time, he was out of play.

In a turn of events, only one counter dropped and this was the only coin that needed to be voided from his total.

It wasn’t until the fourth coin the contestant won big as he managed to knock 19 of them off of the tipping point.

That was worth waiting for

Ben Shephard

“That’s more like it,” the host said before telling the contestants: “That was worth waiting for, wasn’t it?”

Ben continued with his staggered reaction as he said: “You needed 11 counters to catch Mike and you got 19 off the tipping point which equals a Tipping Point record.”

This took David’s total from £400 to £950 and he completely forgot he had one more coin to play after his windfall.

In the lead for the first time during the episode, the contestant chose drop zone one and it resulted in an extra £50 going into his bank.

Once Tracy was knocked out after failing to overtake Mike or David, the two men were left to fight it out for victory.

Another cracking third round saw David send Mike home and this meant he was the only one left to play for the £10,000 jackpot.

For the majority of the concluding round, the player chose three counters from each of the subjects he had to answer a question from.

Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to push the star counter off of the edge so decided he would walk away with the money he had accumulated.

This meant he awaked away with a sum of £2,850 instead of risking losing all his money to play three more counters.

Taking to Twitter, those viewers watching at home decided to share their thoughts on the result of the game.

One fan wrote on the social media platform: “I’d take the money it’s the safest option #tippingpoint.”

Another posted: “Why did he go for drop zone three. The area is so sparse the jackpot counter isn’t going to move anywhere #tippingpoint.”

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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