Bobby misses significant Cindy Beale clue over his murder victim in EastEnders

Ever since it was revealed that Rose Knight is actually Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) in EastEnders, we have been eagerly anticipating her return to Albert Square.

While the hints have been there all along, it seems that some characters just aren’t picking up on them, despite the fact they’re literally right under their noses.

Several weeks ago, we saw Anna Knight (Molly Rainford) admiring a locket belonging to Rose Knight.

The locket had a very important date engraved, which has the potential to expose Rose’s true identity.

The date, December 9 1993, is the birth date of Peter and Lucy Beale: Anna’s half-brother and sister.

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In tonight’s (August 1) episode, Anna met with a private investigator in the hopes of tracking down her mum, handing him the locket to take a look at.

As Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russel) sat down next to her, he asked to see the locket, and we were left wondering if he would piece the information together.

Unfortunately, Bobby didn’t notice the date, which means that the secret may stay buried for some time yet.

Bobby and Anna have grown incredibly close recently, unaware that they share the same half-siblings.

In upcoming episodes, Bobby is set to open up to Anna about his involvement in sister Lucy Beale’s death, after Anna’s insistence that honesty is important in any kind of relationship.

While Bobby may have missed the link between the locket and his siblings’ birth date, Anna may still be set to get answers, having been later visited by the private investigator once more.

He revealed that he had found a lead and wanted to discuss this with her.

With Anna having already promised sister Gina (Francesca Henry) that she would drop the search for her mum, will she agree to meet with him, or will she let things lie?

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