My 10 top cleaning tips will make your home smell amazing – and instantly rid nasty odors from your trash can and drains | The Sun

A HOME expert has impressed TikTokers with her clever cleaning hacks.

She demonstrated each one, showing how easy they are to do with items you may already have.

Chantel Mila (@mama_mila_) started off the recent video with a bedroom tip.

She said: "Place stick-on hooks on your bedside to organize messy chargers."

The camera revealed a set of two clear hooks placed on the side of a nightstand with cords neatly draped over them.

The home and style pro also shared different ways to make a space smell good.

"Keep wardrobes smelling fresh with Epsom salt and essential oil scent bags," she suggested while making one of her own.

Mila then placed the bag on the neck of a hanger and placed it among other clothes where the scent could travel.

She added: "You can also place essential oil on cotton balls to keep your bins smelling fresh."

The cleaning expert dropped cotton balls into the bottom of an empty bin before disguising them with a bag on top.

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She also shared unconventional ways to keep the bathroom tidy.

"Mix equal parts dish soap and white vinegar in a dish brush to clean your entire bathroom easily," she recommended.

Mila filled a bathroom sink with water to demonstrate another unique tip.

"Soak denture tablets sinks and toilets to whiten them and deodorize the drains," she said.

As for floors, she said that cleaning them with shaving cream and hot water will "neutralize odors instantly."

She added: "You can fix lifting rug corners by placing ice cubes on the corner with a heavy object."

Mila also had a tip for getting stubborn labels off of containers.

"If you need to remove tough stickers without the residue, heat them with a hair dryer," she said.

The hacking pro's final advice focused again on making the home smell better than ever.

She said: "Boil lemon, rosemary, vanilla, and clove on your stove top to make your home smell amazing.

"And lastly, mop baseboards with water, dish soap, and peppermint oil to make your home smell fresh."

Commenters were amazed by how creative her cleaning advice was.

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One person wrote: "Shaving cream on the floors? OMG, I'm doing all of this."

Another said: "The hook one is genius."

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