Bradley Walsh blasts ‘ridiculous’ The Chase question about the Queen ‘Not having that!’

The Chase: Bradley Walsh jokes about India and The Queen

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Bradley Walsh welcomed David, India, Ged and Sam onto The Chase on Wednesday. The ITV presenter guided the contestants through the quiz show as they battled against Chaser Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan. However, the host wasn’t impressed with one particular question about the Queen and the countries that recognise her as their Head of State. 

David was the first contestant to face the Chaser after earning £3,000 in his cash builder round. 

He made it through to the final chase but India wasn’t as lucky and was caught by The Vixen. 

Ged was the third player to face Jenny and one of their head-to-head questions frustrated Bradley. 

He asked: “Which if these countries does not recognise the British monarch as its Head of State?”

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The options were Australia, Papua New Guinea and India. 

Bradley quipped: “I’ll tell you what we’re going to find out, I’m not having that.”

Explaining why he chose India, Ged said: “I know Australia is still the Queen’s land. 

“I think India was a commonwealth country but I’m not sure if it still recognises her as its Head of State.”

Once Ged was revealed to be correct, Bradley joked: “That’s the last madras I have.”

The presenter quipped: “What do you mean they don’t recognise the Queen? She’s really famous there are pictures of her everywhere. A little woman who wears white gloves and a big hat.”

“Australia had a referendum a few years ago as to whether they should continue to recognise the Queen as their Head of State,” Jenny revealed.

“What do you mean?” Bradley exclaimed. “Right we’ll hold a referendum and then we won’t recognise her anymore, ‘Who’s that?’ ‘I don’t know, I’ve never seen her before in my life.’ Don’t be ridiculous.”

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Earlier in the show, Ged was mocked by the Chaser over one of his incorrect answers in his cash builder round. 

Bradley asked: “In 2006, Hips Don’t Lie was the last song to feature on what long-running TV show?”

Ged answered Emmerdale and was teased by Bradley before his head-to-head round.

“Hips Don’t Lie was the last song played on Emmerdale?” Bradley asked. 

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“They were coming too fast,” he remarked before the host added: “You’ve got to stop going to nightclubs. I nearly lost myself there.”

Jenny quipped: “I think you are capable of taking home a lot of money but it’s not worth the risk if you’re confidence has been knocked and I like it when your confidence has been knocked.”

“Take no notice of her, she’s trying to talk you down,” Bradley warned. 

Ged secured his spot in the final along with David and Sam but the trio were beaten by The Vixen.

The Chase airs on ITV on weekdays at 5pm.

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