Bradley Walsh lost for words over ‘nonsense’ The Chase question: ‘Can you believe that!’

The Chase: Bradley Walsh shares confusion over US cent question

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The Chase contestants during Thursday’s episode included Karen, David, Rosie, and Joe. However, after the team gained a strong start, host Bradley Walsh was left confused by a “nonsense” question on the ITV quiz show, leaving Chaser Jenny Ryan to explain it to the speechless presenter.

The team gained a strong start after first contestant Karen gained £7,000 in the initial cash-builder before taking on Jenny.

Turning down the Chaser’s lower and higher offers, Karen stuck with the £7,000 and became the first player back for the Final Chase.

However, second contestant Daniel and third player Rosie failed to get through to the Final Chase.

Fourth contestant Joe fared much better, however, adding £8,000 to the prize fund.

However, it wasn’t the team’s performance which caught Bradley’s eye but rather one of Karen’s questions that completely baffled him.

The head-to-head question against The Vixen was: “Approximately, how much does it cost to produce one US cent coin?”

The options were “A. 0.08 cents”, “B. 0.8 cents”, and “C. 1.8 cents”.

Karen didn’t know the answer, saying: “I have absolutely no idea so I just went straight down the middle.”

“Well it can’t be C can it?” Bradley replied.

“No, that would be ridiculous, which is why I’m glad I didn’t press that one in the guess,” Karen agreed.

The answer was revealed to be “1.8 cents”, which shocked Karen and Bradley.

The two gasped and Karen couldn’t help laughing as Bradley looked extremely confused.

Bradley was left speechless as he scanned around the studio without saying a word.

He eventually said: “Can you believe that? How do you produce coins that cost more to produce than they are actually worth?

“That don’t make any sense at all!”

“What’s the matters with them? Pull themselves together,” he continued. (sic)

His confusion continued when The Vixen answered correctly, and he appeared shocked by her answer, saying: “Oh, how did you know that?”

Jenny explained: “There’s actually a big talk of getting rid of the one-cent coins, and just stop charging 99 cents for something and just charge a dollar.”

“I know, that’s nonsense,” Bradley remarked.

Despite Jenny’s explanation, Bradley and Karen still seemed a little confused but decided to press on.

Fourth player Joe thankfully made it back for the Final Chase so Karen wasn’t on her own.

Joe got back to the team with his cash-builder amount of £8,000.

The pair achieved 13 steps in the Final Chase but Bradley was worried that wouldn’t be enough to beat Jenny, saying: “We’ll need some pushbacks.”

Sadly, Karen and Joe didn’t win their combined jackpot of £15,000 as Jenny beat them with almost 50 seconds to spare.

The Chase airs on weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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