Britain's Got Talent 2022 LIVE: Second round of BGT auditions TONIGHT after Loren Allred scoops Golden Buzzer

BRITAIN'S Got Talent returns tonight after Saturday's series debut saw a pro singer wow the judges with her jaw-dropping voice.

Series 15 finally began last night but fans of the show have already dubbed a 'fix' after an already known vocalist secured the first Golden Buzzer of the series.

Loren Allred, who starred in Hollywood flick The Greatest Showman, won Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David's hearts with her breathtaking rendition of Never Enough from the award-winning movie.

The second round of auditions begins tonight, Easter Sunday, at 7.35pm on ITV1.

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  • Robert Mann

    Britz Kidz kick off in style!

    How was that for an opening then?

    Those moves certainly stole the hearts of the judges – and it should come as no surprise, too!

    That was refreshingly original!

  • Robert Mann

    And we're underway!

    The Brit Kidz are kicking us off tonight with some eye-catching dancing!

    And by the looks of it, they're making their act inherit the former stars of the show – including this iconic George Sampson act.

  • Robert Mann

    Grease is the word

    What a way to start the show – with a bit of nostalgia!

    We're pretty sure that David Walliams was behind this skit…

  • Robert Mann

    Here we go!

    Britain's Got Talent is finally underway!

    Will we see another golden buzzer? Yesterday's show was overshadowed by it…

    Read more on that here.

  • Robert Mann

    BGT faces fresh fix row

    Last night's episode of Britain's Got Talent saw the show face a fresh fix row after viewers spotted a huge clue that an audition was staged.

    Fans of the show were quickly questioning if an audition was "contrived" as they watched a dad perform after being secretely entered into the competition by his two daughters.

    Read more here.

  • Robert Mann

    Are you ready?

    We are just under 30 minutes away from the second instalment of Britain's Got Talent!

    Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon are ready. Are you?

  • Joseph Gamp

    BGT series 15 launch episode draws in 6.1m viewers

    Britain's Got Talent returned to ITV with an average of 6.1 million viewers, the broadcaster has said.

    Viewers saw an array of acts from a comedic robot to an original singer from The Greatest Showman as the talent show aired after two years.

    The TV audience peaked at 7.2 million.

    Filming of the 15th series had been scheduled to begin last January, however production was delayed and then postponed until 2022.

    Saturday's launch episode saw Loren Allred, 32, reveal during her audition that she was the voice behind the hit song Never Enough from 2018 musical film The Greatest Showman.

    She admitted she was not known for the track as she was previously "more comfortable singing behind the scenes", but now wanted to put a face to the song.

    After performing a striking rendition of the track, the audience and judges appeared in awe, particularly Amanda Holden, who awarded her the coveted Golden Buzzer which automatically grants her a place in the live semi-finals.

    The first episode saw Titan the Robot secure four yeses after spraying water out of its mechanical eyes, causing Holden and Alesha Dixon to hide under their desk.

  • Joseph Gamp

    What time is Britain’s Got Talent on tonight?

    Britain’s Got Talent came back with a bang last night.

    Following last night’s opening show, tonight will see even more strange acts, comedians and singers.

    The second round of auditions are going to be shown tonight, April 17, at 7.35pm on ITV.

    So get your popcorn and drinks ready!

  • Joseph Gamp

    Who presents BGT?

    Ant & Dec (Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly) are the presenters of Britain’s Got Talent.

    They have hosted the show together since Series 1, and have been given the same Golden Buzzer rights as the Judges since Series 8.

    In Series 12, Ant was involved in a drink-driving incident, which left Dec to host the live shows solo.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Explained: Who are the past BGT winners?

    BRITAIN’S Got Talent is back for a fifteenth series, with competitors across the country battling to become the 2022 champ.

    Here are some of the past winners:

    • Paul Potts – 2007
    • George Sampson – 2008
    • Diversity – 2009
    • Spelbound – 2010
    • Jai McDowell – 2011
    • Ashleigh and Pudsey – 2012
    • Attraction – 2013
    • Collabro – 2014
    • Jules O’Dwyer & Matisse – 2015
    • Richard Jones – 2016
    • Tokio Myers – 2017
    • Lost Voice Guy – 2018
    • Colin Thackery – 2019
    • Jon Courtenay – 2020

    Read more about the acts here.

    About 2012 winners Ashleigh and Pudsey

    Pudsey passed away in 2017, and Ashleigh now performs with her new dog, Sully.

    Before Pudsey sadly died, he had a showbiz career staring in TV, theatre and film.

    In 2014, the film Pudsey The Dog: The Movie was released.

    How does the BGT golden buzzer work?

    The golden buzzer is on the judges’ panel which, when pressed, means you are automatically granted a place in the Semi-Finals.

    This will mean they will skip past the boot camp stage of the competition, ultimately giving them a head start.

    Each judge, and hosts Ant & Dec have one opportunity per series to press it for any act they deem as worthy.

    The golden buzzer was introduced in series eight, and has been an integral part since.

    More about BGT

    Episodes will be available on the ITV Hub after each episode has aired.

    As always the BGT champion will walk away with a huge cash prize of £250,000 and spot on bill of the Royal Variety Performance.

    The reigning champ from 2020 is comedy singer Jon Courtenay.

    Of course, Geordie comedy duo Ant and Dec will host the talent competition once again.

    More on the judges

    Simon Cowell – The judge everybody loves to hate, Simon Cowell, has made a comeback for this series of Britain’s Got Talent.
    As Simon Cowell’s production company SyCo is the team behind the show, it was guaranteed that Simon would be back.

    Amanda Holden – To the delight of viewers, the star will grace our screens every Saturday night for another series.
    Amanda Holden has been a firm fixture on the show since the first series and has become a household name.

    Alesha Dixon – Alesha Dixon is back to judging the new series of Britain’s Got Talent.
    She joined the panel back in 2012 and quickly became a fan favourite.

    David Walliams – Funnyman David Walliams is back as the final judge of the series.
    The actor and comedian is known for his camp humour and for annoying Simon Cowell.

    Simon Cowell on BGT returning this year

    Talking about missing out on a year of BGT for the first-time in the show’s history due to the pandemic, judge Simon Cowell said: “As much as I didn’t want to not make the show last year, we just couldn’t at that point, it would have been literally impossible.

    “We had to stop it at the last moment – it was a difficult decision to make but it was the right one.

    “I think off the back of that, when we did all get back together, we realised how much we enjoy making the show.

    “We did miss each other, we get on and work well together.”

    • Joseph Gamp

      Who are the judges this year?

      Britain’s Got Talent will see the return of the judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams giving their verdict on each act that comes before them.

      They will all be in charge of that dreaded buzzer again this year. If all four judges press it, it means game over for the acts.

    • Joseph Gamp

      Viewers brand show a ‘fix’ after Golden Buzzer awarded last night

      BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT was finally back last night, but fans of the show have already dubbed a ‘fix’ after a already famous singer secured the first Golden Buzzer of the series.

      Fans were glued to their screens as the nation’s favourite talent show came back – with Loren Allred winning their hearts with her breath-taking rendition of Never Enough from the award-winning movie.

      Although she secured the Golden Buzzer, which was given out by Amanda Holden, fans at home have been left disappointed.

      Viewers of the ITV talent show took to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

      One wrote: “Hold up… This woman is the actual singer that sung never enough from the greatest showman. That’s cheating … That’s unfair …. #BGT”.

      Another added: “what a bloody fix !!! Gold button s****.”

      A third shared: “I thought #BGT, was about discovering new talent?! what a fix!”

      Whilst a fourth penned: “How is that fair at all sorry??? Amanda’s just said it’s her moment to shine, Amanda she’s already sang a song for a huge musical film This seriously isn’t fair #BGT.”

    • Joseph Gamp

      ‘I lost my £90k Britain’s Got Talent fortune’

      BRITAIN’S Got Talent star Francine Lewis has revealed her heartbreak after being scammed out of £90,000 by a phoney stocks company.

      The mum, 47, who shot to fame for her hilarious impressions of celebs in 2013, was swindled out of her savings after being tricked by the devious “brokers”.

      She lost the life-changing £90,000 – which she had earned from her time on Britain’s Got Talent and from tours and corporate events she did after the show.

      Devastated Francine told The Sun Online: “I had a little gut feeling. I spoke to the guys myself, they were so convincing, so even I got suckered in.

      “Stupidly, I handed all this money over, went to my bank, drew it out.

      “What was even worse, I handed them all my kids’ money that I had been saving from when they were born.

      “That for me was the worst part of it. In the end, it ended up being a scam. That little bit of a gut, which I prayed wasn’t going to be right, was right in the end.”

    • Joseph Gamp

      BGT viewers furiously demand return of ‘missing’ show

      BRITAIN’S Got Talent viewers have vented their fury after discovering that its usual spin-off show was nowhere to be seen.

      Tonight saw another dose of weird and wonderful acts grace the stage as BGT returned – but one formidable face was missing from proceedings.

      Stephen Mulhern hosted Britain’s Got More Talent on ITV2 alongside the main show for over a decade.

      But after thousands of eccentric hopefuls showcasing their talent, or lack of it in some cases, the spin-off show took its final bow in 2019.

      Taking to Twitter, one person penned: “Britain’s Got More Talent will always be the more superior show. Bring it back!”

      Echoing their comments, someone else said: “Why isn’t Britain’s Got More Talent on TV anymore? What a stupid move.”

      While a third added: “Britain’s Got Talent is nothing without Stephen Mulhern. He’s so funny on In For A Penny.”

    • Joseph Gamp

      BGT’s Simon Cowell reveals retirement plans

      SIMON Cowell has revealed when he plans to retire – and it might be a surprise to some.

      With his Britain’s Got Talent contract ending in 2025, Simon has been looking to the future.

      “I’ll never retire,” he said, speaking to The Sun from his mansion in Malibu.

      “I would never, ever do that. I think you’ve got to have a job you hate to retire. Thank God I have a job I still love.”

      He continued: “If you have a great idea and believe you can make it happen, there’s always the chance you can. This show is an example.

      “It was dead in the water. I couldn’t get arrested with it.

      “No one wanted to buy it. I just got really lucky that NBC bought it in America, because if they hadn’t we wouldn’t be having this conversation today. It was over.

      “That’s the way thing happen sometimes I certainly wouldn’t have predicted then that however many years ago we’d be having a conversation like this still talking about a talent show.

      “The great thing is there are still amazing people out there with great stories and talent they want to share.

      “I look at this show like it’s a bubble. It’s a happy bubble, a funny bubble.

      “It will hopefully still be around because we all need that escape sometimes.”

      Asked when he’ll leave Britain’s Got Talent, he said: “I’ll be committing until 2025 – that’s when the contract runs to.”

    • Joseph Gamp

      Amanda Holden wowed in pink latex dress last night

      AMANDA Holden left very little to the imagination as she wowed in a pink latex dress in last night’s eagerly awaited return of Britain’s Got Talent.

      After nearly two years away due to the coronavirus pandemic, BGT finally returned on Saturday – and Amanda soon stole the show just minutes in.

      As Amanda took her seat next to her fellow judges wearing an eye-catching pink dress – it certainly went down a treat with fans.

      Taking to Twitter, one person penned: “Amanda Holden is looking pretty fit tonight, if I do say so myself.”

      Echoing their comments, someone else said: “Absolutely loving Amanda’s dress on Britain’s Got Talent tonight. She looks stunning!”

      While a third added: “How the hell did Amanda get into that dress? That’s what I want to know.”

    • Joseph Gamp

      What time is Britain’s Got Talent on tonight?

      Britain’s Got Talent came back with a bang last night.

      Following last night’s opening show, tonight will see even more strange acts, comedians and singers.

      The second round of auditions are going to be shown tonight, April 17, at 7.35pm on ITV.

      So get your popcorn and drinks ready!

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