Celebs Go Dating's Tom Zanetti sneaks out of Sophie Hermann's home after breaking lockdown to spend Valentine's together

CELEB'S Go Dating's Tom Zanetti looked sheepish as he tried to sneak out of girlfriend Sophie Hermann's home after it was revealed they broke lockdown.

Trying to go incognito, Tom ducked out of Sophie's London flat wearing a low baseball cap, dark sunglasses and red tartan face mask.

But some eagle eyed sleuths recognised the DJ thanks to his blue Louis Vuitton sneakers which he was seen wearing during their daring Valentine's date that they had revealed on Instagram.

Tom made a mad dash for his car which was parked outside Sophie's flat, which he promptly then moved to an underground car parking garage.

The 33-year-old ran to his charcoal grey BMW SUV while wearing a hip length black puffer jacket and black tracksuit bottoms.

Tom then sheepishly returned to Sophie's flat where the pair continued to break lockdown.

They broke lockdown rules for a Valentine’s Day date – and ended up in bed together after flirting their way through the hit Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion.

Tom and Sophie accidentally revealed their date after sharing videos online.

Super-smooth DJ Zanetti posted a film of him stripped naked in bed, giggling, "I've got the crème de la crème, the cream of the crop."

A woman’s hand then enters the frame and smothers his mouth to stop him saying more.

But his mystery lover's nail polish and rings were spotted by observant fans in separate posts shared on German model Sophie’s social media earlier.

She revealed identical features as she talked her followers through a Valentine’s Day promotional bag on her Instagram account.

Zanetti shared another short video clip of Sophie in a black dress sitting opposite him during a romantic, candlelit Valentine’s Day meal – her face obscured by her long hair as she sipped wine.

Beside the duo at a table set up in a living room was a waiter, who served food – including chicken truffle mash – and was preparing more drinks.

Currently, the DJ lives in Leeds while Sophie is based in West London -which suggests the pair broke lockdown rules by commuting nearly 220miles to be together on the romantic date.

Tom and Sophie's publicists didn't reply to The Sun's request for comment.

Fans of the popular E4 show Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion, have watched Sophie and Zanetti fall for each other.

And the soft-talking DJ has bombarded his social media with clips showing him wooing the Made In Chelsea pin-up.

In return, Sophie has also shared clips of their time together on the socially distanced programme, which was filmed weeks ago.

On Sunday night's show, Zanetti finally mustered the courage to ask 'The Duchess' out on a date.

Tom had been seen approaching the model, telling her he was 'scared' of her.

"I'm not intimidated by many people but The Duchess I do find scary… I can't read her," he was seen telling the camera before suggesting he and Sophie have some time to themselves.

Later in the episode, they enjoyed caviar and champagne, with Zanetti trying the decadent fishy treat for the first time.

He opened up to Sophie about becoming a father at just 17-years-old.

And he recited a poem he'd written about the sultry star – featuring a line in her mother-tongue, German.

"That is the sweetest thing…" she said, clearly moved by the gesture.

Later in the episode, she was seen telling celebrity co-stars Kimberly Hart Simpson and Chloe Ferry about their blossoming romance.

Sophie also admitted it was the best date she had been on during her time on the show.

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