Channel 5 ban on Yorkshire TV savaged by Channel 4 hosts: ‘Bunch of twonks!’

Complaints Welcome: Jessica reacts to CH5's Yorkshire TV ban

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Channel 5 recently announced some of our beloved Yorkshire shows will be pushed aside, despite the success of a number of shows based in God’s Own County. The decision was hotly debated on Complaints Welcome, with Yorkshire-born host Jessica Knappett calling Channel 5 bosses a “bunch of twonks” over the move. 

Our Yorkshire Farm, The Yorkshire Vet and All Creatures Great and Small are just a few of the Yorkshire-based Channel 5 shows which have been a huge hit with viewers. 

However, despite the success of the shows, Channel 5 boss Daniel Pearl explained in August the channel would be looking outside of the county for other programmes in the future. 

The decision was the subject of a debate on the first episode of Channel 4’s Complaints Welcome.

The show sees hosts Tom Allen, Jessica Knappett, Munya Chawawa and guests from the world of telly dissect viewers’ complaints about the shows getting the nation talking.

During the episode, Jessica said: “It’s not all good news for Yorkshire because Channel 5 have now officially announced they have made so many shows about Yorkshire, they are putting a blanket ban on making any more.”

Comedian Tom replied with a loud “boo” to the live audience about the move.

Comedy writer Jessica continued: “Channel 5 have overdosed on Yorkshire and they are now going cold turkey.”

She asked the audience if Channel 5 should reconsider its position and questioned whether Yorkshire has even more to offer viewers. 

“As a host, I have to remain impartial, but as a proud Yorkshire local, f**k that,” she added. 

A clip of Jessica, 36, visiting her home county was shown during the episode where she asked members of the public their opinions on the topic. 

She took to the centre of Leeds to ask shoppers why they were proud of their Yorkshire roots. 

Locals, who appeared on the show, said the county was “wholesome” and “full of nice people” who “love tea and biscuits”. 

Some residents interviewed by Jessica said it was a “disgrace” the broadcaster has decided not to make any more Yorkshire-based shows. 

Later on, in the episode, Jessica added: “Now the complaint I want to put to this lot is that I think Channel 5 bosses are a bunch of twonks who should immediately reverse their decision to stop making programmes about Yorkshire.”

However, the overwhelming majority of the studio audience of Complaints Welcome agreed with Channel 5’s decision. 

Channel Five’s commissioning editor Daniel Pearl announced to the Edinburgh Film Festival Yorkshire won’t be the setting for future shows.

According to Guardian, he didn’t want to create “another programme about Yorkshire, another programme about a large family in Yorkshire”.

It came as a surprise to viewers as the TV shows from the county proved to be a huge hit for the network.

Complaints Welcome can be watched on All 4. 

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