Dancing On Ice’s Rufus Hound agreed to show after ‘six months unemployed’

Comedian Rufus Hound has admitted he has never been interested in learning to ice skate, despite signing up to Dancing On Ice 2021.

Rufus, 41, joked his biggest motivation for signing up to the show was the paycheque after being unemployed for six months.

Rufus said: "I am terrible at being self-motivated but if you give me a job where I have to be fitter or stronger then I’ll get fitter and stronger.

"If there’s not a paycheque at the end of it then why would I go to the gym when there are pubs?"

He went on to add the biggest appeal about doing the show was that he has "been unemployed for six months".

The funny-man added: "I’ll be making the effort, trying hard and being the best I can be at this.

"In terms of the bigger picture, it’s absolutely reasonable to say I don’t really like ice skating, I don’t really have any great desire to be a


"I think that anybody that reads a quote from me saying ‘it’s a lifelong passion and something I’ve always wanted to do’ would read that and from the get-go just think I was being massively disingenuous.

"I mean I’m hoping it will mean the phone starts ringing again, I can eek out another six months to a year of largely ITV based guest appearances on a raft of entertainment shows and hopefully, at some point over the next year, one of those sticks long enough that I can reasonably expect to pay my mortgage."

Keen not to strike too much of a downer, Rufus said: "Seriously… I think the show will be really fun.

"And I don’t know anyone who has done the show who hasn’t had an amazing time doing it.

"It will be fun, it will be an interesting experience.

"Also, the longer you do it the more invested you are and the more part of the gang you feel if you get to turn up week after week."

Dancing on Ice returns on Sunday, January 17 at 6pm on ITV.

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