Death in Paradise season 11: Ralf Little confirms rogue weather halted filming in new clip

Death in Paradise: Ralf Little gets soaked from rain

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In a video posted to his Instagram account on Friday, the actor who plays DI Neville Parker in the BBC series could be seen struggling with the weather conditions in Guadeloupe. Hiding under a gazebo surrounded by rain and mud, the Death in Paradise star joked that the weather wasn’t what he went to the Caribbean for.

Speaking to the camera, Ralf said: “Well, we’ve just broken for lunch, and we’re about to get our food and er…”.

Ralf pans the camera around to show his audience the weather conditions they were contending with.

As the storm didn’t look as if it was ending soon, co-star Tahj Miles was heard in the background repeatedly complaining: “I got water in my shoes!”

Ralf continued: “Ugh, it’s not what I came to the Caribbean for,” before turning to his friend: “You got water in your shoes?!”

“Sad times, sad times on Death in Paradise, eurgh!” Ralf remarked as he ended the Instagram video.

He captioned the post: “It’s (not) always sunny in Guadeloupe…. Poor @tahjmiles.”

With the torrential downpour, Ralf and the rest of the crew had to wait for it to stop before they could resume filming.

The fictional island of Saint Marie where the drama is based is known for its picturesque and sun-soaked scenery, so the downpour wasn’t quite as fitting.

On the same day, Ralf also shared some more of the fun and trouble the cast get up to on the set of the show.

In a second video, Ralf was seen getting ready to film as he turned to the camera and said: “This is one of the sad realities of my life and actually a sadder reality of Katie’s life.”

The actor then sat back in his chair whilst his makeup artists and hairstylist Katie Mahon blow-dried his armpits.

Laughing at the situation, he explained: “This is necessary in the makeup truck before I go on set, it gets very humid in here!”

“Absolutely love the banter we have behind the scenes, thanks again, @katiemahon, for sorting my armpits out,” Ralf captioned the second post.

Earlier this year, the actor spoke about whether he has contemplated leaving the show or if his character has a lasting future.

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Ralf told Graham Norton on his Virgin Radio show: “I’ll be back next year, but I don’t think I’m signed for the two years.”

Fans were quick to discuss who they thought would be a good fit to replace Ralf if he were to step down.

Taking to Reddit, fans were leaning towards the idea of David Tennant to play the role of DI Neville Parker or another detective.

One user wrote: “Who should play the detective after Ralf Little leaves? I always felt Peter Kay or David Tennant would suit the role….”

Another responded: “I think David Tennant would be awesome.”

However, some fans disagreed with the statement, with one suggesting: “The lead role has always been played by someone kinda awkward. Tenant [is] just too cool.”

Danny John-Jules is also returning for the Christmas special as charismatic Officer Dwayne Myers, who left the show back in 2018 at the end of season eight.

“After four years away, fitting back into the fold should be seamless as I know the new lead cast members. I look forward to bringing Dwayne and this 10th ­anniversary special script to life,” said the 60-year-old actor. 

Watch Death in Paradise season 1-10 now on BBC iPlayer. 
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