Discovery of Witches star Teresa Palmer opens up on Diana Bishop’s ‘bittersweet’ ending

Trailer: A Discovery of Witches starring Matthew Goode

British fantasy series A Discovery of Witches became a surprise hit when it premiered on Sky One and AMC in the US back in 2018. Now finally returning to screens this week for the start of its second season, Diana Bishop star Teresa Palmer has opened up about what fans should expect from the series’ conclusion.

Teresa Palmer has confirmed her time as amateur witch Diana Bishop will come to a bittersweet end when the third season of A Discovery of Witches finally rolls around.

The British star leads the series with Matthew Goode as Matthew Clairmont, a vampire with whom she strikes up an unlikely alliance to protect the highly coveted Book of Life.

In season two, the magical pair are whisked back in time to Elizabethan London to avoid supernatural threats and continue the quest for the elusive tome.

Based on Deborah Harkness’s best-selling All Souls Trilogy, the TV adaptation is expected to come to an end with its third season, currently filming in Cardiff.

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While fantasy fans will already know the outcome of the last book in the series, The Book of Life, Palmer teased a dark ending could be in store for the reluctant witch.

Speaking with the BFI & Radio Times TV Festival, she said: “I love watching the journey for every character to come to such a beautiful, organic end.

“Everything feels very elevated. The danger is immense, the passion is immense, the tragedy; immense. There’s so much that we have to face and overcome.”

Season two kicks off after Diana and Matthew’s timewalk as the magical world starts to crumble around them.

With a high bounty on Matthew’s head and Diana finally starting to regain control of her powers, they travel back in time in hopes of recovering the Book of Life and restoring the balance of good and evil.

The ten-episode instalment will unfold each week, starting Friday night on Sky One, but the series’ stars took no time in getting things in line for season three.

With her final weeks of filming ahead, Palmer continued: “And it’s bittersweet. It’s bittersweet, I’ll leave you with that.

“Obviously they’re based on Deb’s beautiful books, the trilogy, and this is the third season. I have about five weeks left of being with Diana.”

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Unfortunately, Harkness concluded the magical saga after just three novels, confirming the television adaptation’s short life expectancy.

What this means for the conclusion of Diana’s story is unknown, but the Discovery of Witches star is certainly reluctant to leave the iconic role behind her.

Although the star is most likely referring to her departure from the series, the dark fantasy drama could wrap up with the death of a major character, or Diana and Matthew’s heart-wrenching separation.

However, what we can derive from the actress’s comments is that the stakes will be even higher for Diana and Matthew in the second and third acts of the epic fantasy tale.

Palmer’s co-star, Steven Cree, said of the third season: “We’re back in contemporary times, I think it’s okay to say that.

“One of the most exciting things will be an amalgamation of some of those characters from 1590 with the characters from the contemporary times.”

As Diana’s two worlds start to collide, A Discovery of Witches’ thrilling continuation is setting up to be essential watching for fantasy enthusiasts on both sides of the pond.

A Discovery of Witches season 2 premieres on Friday, January 8 on Sky One. 

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