Emmerdale spoilers: Gabby Thomas devastated as Jamie Tate refuses to help with her pregnancy

GABBY Thomas is devastated when Jamie Tate refuses to attend her pregnancy scan next week in Emmerdale.

The troublesome teen – who is played by Rosie Bentham in the ITV soap – kept their baby against Jamie’s wishes after he tried to manipulate her into getting an abortion.

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Viewers then watched Kim move Gabby into Home Farm when she got wind of the pregnancy – much to Jamie’s dismay. 

Next week, Gabby is upset when Jamie refuses to help at all with Gabby’s baby.

Meanwhile, Lydia finds Kim dozing off at her laptop and tries to persuade her to seek medical help.

Emmerdale fans are convinced that Gabby is poisoning Kim and causing her mystery illness.

Viewers’ suspicions were raised when Gabby tried to put Kim off visiting a doctor when Lydia insisted it was for the best in recent scenes. 

Gabby then offered to take control of parts of Kim’s business while she was recovering.

Fans were left wondering whether Gabby is trying to kill Kim off in order to take over Home Farm.

Kim actress Claire King recently hinted that Gabby could turn out to be plotting against her character.

“She could take her place,” Claire told The Sun. 

“This wouldn’t be the first time Kim has been booted out of Home Farm and had to move into the village and live a very humble life with everyone laughing at her.

“I could imagine it happening again – but Kim Tate always fights back.”

The storyline is set to run for years as a battle for Home Farm kicks off.

“Theres so many people involved in it, and there’s a lot of history there,” she added.

“You can expect a few clashes with the various families and the dynasty and the power involved with it, and there’s some quite emotional scenes coming up.”

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